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European Union Cookie Law & Our Cookies.

On the 26th of May 2011, the European Union made the stark choice of forcing websites, like us, to display and inform users that we use cookies to make your experience on our site an enjoyable one. We don't mind as long as you don't mind. As we are a UK business we try our very hardest to ensured that "Transmission Samples" complies with all UK, and EU laws. Read the UK government's version.

What is a cookie, you say? Well, a cookie is a file or a piece of data that contains information, which is created and kept on your computer or device. This sounds intrusive but it's really the easiest and quickest way of programming. The information that we collect from you are held for different periods of time and contain small bits of different data detailed below.

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Although our site is currently displayed in English only, we have future plans to include our site in other languages. This 'cookie' simply tells our server and website what language you would like the site displayed in.

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Yes that's right, we store a cookie on your system so we know what currency you like to see our website and products with.

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We, like any good site, link and network with many social networks, such as, Facebook, Twitter, Google and Youtube. These sites provide third party functions such as analytical data and social network buttons and icons. Occasionally these sites may use cookies. We do keep a watchful eye on these and ensure that all data is absolutely necessary

After the stated amount of days, your browser should delete the information/cookie. If you visit our site after this, then a new 'cookie' will be created and the process will start again. The purpose of this is so your browser doesn't get clogged up with all the different cookies from the sites you visit.

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