This tutorial will guide you through basic changes to fundamental kick and snare positions. 

These changes can change the whole feel of your track, especially when offset against a simple 8th-note hi-hat rhythm.

Mixing and matching the patterns will definitely give you the edge with interesting drum arrangements. 

Watch Stranjah produce a large variation of commonly heard rhythms just by making the most simple changes. 

He does this using accenting and augmenting kicks, using ghost hits and exploring differences in pattern lengths. The patterns produced using his techniques could be described as steppa patterns, bounce patterns, Jump up patterns, half-time, the vessel pattern and 2 step.

We'd recommend also watching the fundamental bass patterns which should give you loads of ideas for a drum and bass production.

0:00 Intro

1:01 2-Step

6:38 Steppa

9:04 Half-Time

11:13 Footwork

12:16 Steppa Variations

13:52 Funky 2-Step

14:45 Conclusion

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