We have a few rules about returning products that you need to know. Due to all of our products being digital, we simply cannot refund you for bought products. If we find that the nature of your return is valid, we can only offer store credit. Please read below our returns policy.

Our Returns Policy

Once payment has been accepted, each purchased downloadable product is deemed as final and non-refundable or exchangeable. This is due to the fact that multiple pirated copies can be made without our prior knowledge or agreement.

We will only offer store credit if we deem your return dispute to be legitimate. If Transmission Samples deems otherwise, we have the right to refuse returns. We spend a great deal of time ensuring that we give as clear and informative descriptions as possible. Products will also, where possible, have Demos constructed from the product. This provides the customer with an opportunity to evaluate our products before purchasing. If you feel that the product you received was not described accurately as mentioned above, please submit a request for return, via our 'Contact' Page.

Here at Transmission Samples we check our products meticulously to ensure that the download the customer receives is accurate and complete. In the unlikely event that a downloaded product is inaccurate or incomplete, we will correct and re-issue the product. If Transmission Samples cannot rectify the problem or on-going issues occur, we may issue a refund. If you have received a completed download that is inaccurate or incomplete, please contact us via the 'Contact' Page. Please be aware that this only applies to complete downloads. If you are having problems downloading a product, please visit our FAQs page 'Download Problem'.

As products provided by Transmission Samples are digital only and available instantly upon purchase, the 'Cooling Off Period' in the 'Distant Selling & Online Trading' legislation does not apply. Please read your rights as a consumer below.

Your Rights as to Quality for Digital Content

Transmission Samples are based and trade in the United Kingdom. Under the 'Consumer Protection (Distant Selling) Regulations 2000', Transmission Samples are obliged to provide clear and detailed information about goods offered for sale and provide confirmation of purchases.

Our company wouldn't exist if it wasn't for our customers. We believe that customers should have additional rights when it comes to purchasing digital products, we are therefore backing the 'More information of the supply of digital content' by the government to ensure that our customers get the best service possible. This additional legislation will ensure that all digital content meets the description given, the digital content is of satisfactory quality, meaning it should meet a reasonable person's expectations, The digital content matches any trial version or demo.