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Your world-class Samples and MIDI shop

Transmission Samples is the place to buy world-class production tools such as Sample Packs, Beats, Loops, MIDI Packs, synthesizer presets, and construction kits, (containing both Samples and MIDI compositions). We stock a high-quality range of exclusive products and work with world-class musicians, artists, studios, and producers to create pro-audio tools designed to speed up your workflow, enhance your musical productions, musically educate and inspire your creative imagination.

You will find unique and original recordings, and performances by professional session musicians using a variety of studio equipment such as Telefunken M15 Mastering Tape, Neumann U47 and ribbon microphones, Telefunken V676, Neve 1073 and API 512 Preamps, and an SSL4000E console. Using a huge variety of instruments such as Trumpets, Vintage Gibson guitars, Ludwig 20” Kit, Fender Precision Bass, Mini Moog, Moog Sub 37, Korg MS 20, and a Roland SH-101 to name a few.

We also host a massive range of commercial and underground electronic dance music genres such as Trance, Techno, LoFi, and Tech House. Whether you're creating electronic music, hip-hop beats, or soundtracks, we have the perfect rhythm, melody, or sound effects to enhance your music productions. Browse through our latest products and find the ultimate pro audio tool, sample, rhythm, MIDI composition, or musical arrangement that takes your production to the next level.

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Music Production Tutorials

If you want a huge help with music production, our free tutorials can help any producer, at any standard!

You will find tutorials, blogs, videos, and articles covering many compositional, and sound design techniques, with mixing, arrangement, and mastering tips,

Some of our most popular tutorials are;

How to use reverb, Dotted basslines, Reese bassSyncopation in music production and Music production arrangement and mixing.

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Explore by Genre

We stock a high-quality range of Drum and Bass, Tech House and House samples, Trance MIDI, Lo-Fi Samples Jazz Samples, Trap Samples, and Hip Hop samples. Our shop is packed with sounds such as warm, dubbed out, and earth-shaking rumbling subs, wobbles, and a good measure of a detuned Reese bass. Your Techno and House tracks will love the percussive 808s, electro saw leads, and Tech House vocals.

For your gentle atmospheric and melodic needs, we have beautifully delicate melodic midi compositions, eerie wide cinematic pads and progressive, modulated recordings, construction kits, loop phrases, and chord progressions, all designed to create hit productions.

We also stock Live Instrument Samples and acoustic instrument recordings of professional musicians, and artists, which have been captured and processed with the highest-end studio equipment.
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Discounted Music Tools

Take advantage of our discounted prices with up to 50% off our best-selling Pro Audio Tools, MIDI products, Samples, Loops and Synthesiser Presets


Poly Rhythm Midi Pack

Euclidean Rhythms, Polymeters, Polyrhythms, Polymetric!Next-level Rhythms! Incorporate polyrhythmic textures with these complex rhythm techn..

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Trance MIDI collection Bundle

Trance MIDI collection Discount bundle This is a bundle of 3 different Trance MIDI and Sample Packs at a discounted price.Although these co..

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Shades of Techno Sample Pack Volume 1

The Ultimate Techno & EDM Sample Collection: 1,100 Samples for Inspired Producers!Introducing the ultimate sample collection for techno ..

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Turbo Samples - FullHouse Tech

Turbo Samples is proud to present FullHouse Tech!Masters of hard-hitting Tech House, Turbo Samples are one of the leading labels producing T..

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