Tap the Tempo Button and get the Tempo!

Find out the exact beats per minute (BPM) of any piece of music, your latest track, or your live performance with this BPM counter. Great for musicians, DJs, Vocalists, and Producers. Tap the button to the beat, counting 1, 2, 3, 4. I would recommend doing this for a few bars until you start seeing the BPM steady.

The "Avg BPM" takes the average figure from the last 4 clicks to aid with stability and precision.

BPM Counter

BPM Counter

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I thought it would be interesting to list genre tempo ranges. Great for musicians, performers, and producers to get ideas on the genre their piece or riff would work in.

Music Genre Tempos

List of Tempo Ranges per Genre;

Genre Typical Tempo Range (BPM)
House 120-130
Techno 120-140
Tech House 120-130
Drum and Bass 160-180
Trap 140-160
Afrobeats 90-110
Lofi 80-100
Funk 100-130
Jazz 120-160
Pop 100-130
Rock 110-140
Ambient 60-80
Country 90-120
Trance 130-160
Reggae 70-100
Reggaeton 90-110

How do I work out the tempo?

You can use a metronome, tempo detection apps, or our free online BPM counter tool to determine the beats per minute (BPM) of a piece of music.

A metronome produces a steady beat that you can play along to and adjust until it matches the music's tempo. Mobile metronome apps provide added features like visual cues and tempo presets.

Tempo detection apps can listen to music through your device's microphone and automatically estimate the BPM. Our online BPM counter allows you to tap a beat which it then calculates into a BPM readout.

Metronome: A traditional device that produces a steady, adjustable beat to play along with. Set it to the music's tempo.

Mobile Apps: Metronome apps for iOS and Android with extras like sounds, visuals, and tempo presets.

Online BPM Counter: Tap a beat on our website's tool which calculates and displays the BPM. Useful when a metronome isn't available.

Tap Tempo in DAWs: Digital audio workstations often having a tap tempo button to set the project tempo.

Tempo Detection Apps: Apps that listen to the music and estimate its BPM.

Analysis Software: Specialized tools that can provide detailed tempo and musical structure insights.

Use single or combined methods to best suit your needs and resources. Multiple approaches can provide extra accurate tempo assessment.

We hope you find this music tool useful.