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Free Samples & Midi Packs

If you're a bedroom producer or part time producer then there's nothing wrong with finding free samples on the internet. You'll have a loads of options and ideas to choose from, and you might find that specific sound, rhythms or compositional idea you're looking for. Lets be honest though, paid sample packs will give you every layer, from chord progressions to leads and ready mixed drums, produced by professional and successful producers who have the knowledge, environment and equipment to ensure the sounds and loops work in the best way possible for the genre you're producing in.

Free Sample Packs

Like every other sample pack website, transmission samples have product demos, loops and free samples to give you a taste of what's available. Although the samples are free to use, you don't receive the license. If your track uses a demo sample and receives mainstream success, you're not licensed to use it. Record labels don't like this vulnerability. Our paid sample packs come with a license, which means you can use the sample and we have given you permission. Transmission Samples will not try and take any royalties, you have a license to use the sound, samples, loop or production. If anyone releases a track with the sample before you, it's not theirs to claim any copyright.

Free construction kits + MIDI packs

Rhythms, compositions and construction kits.

MIDI packs are an amazing tool if you like to get creative. If your not a musician or expert on music theory, MIDI files will give you the accessibility to expert musicianship as well as musical theory principles, they include information such as swing and velocity but also allow you to easily change change every aspect of a composition which can be routed to any sound you can imagine. A good MIDI pack is gold!

Free MIDI Chord Tool Kit

889 MIDI files grouped via all 24 keys and features major and minor triads, Inversions, 7th chords, 9th chords, Sus2 and Sus4 as well as some common chord progresiions

Dan (TS)

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PolyRhythms Free MIDI

Midi Pack for PolyRhythms or PolyMeter techniques to over a variety of genres including Techno, Trance, House, Drum and Bass and Dubstep.

Dan (TS)

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