We hope you enjoy the collection of free Poly rhythm Midi files, all the Midi loops and compositions are 100% royalty free and ready to excite your latest tracks.

The free MIDI Pack Includes

- Drums Loops, Bass Loops, Lead, chord and melodic loops.

- Contains 14 Midi files

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Rather than creating a product for a type of genre, this time we built a product around a composition or rhythmical technique known as PolyRhythms or PolyMeters.

This, of course, can be used as a production tool but also an educational tool for producers getting to grips with polyrhythm techniques. For a more detailed explanation on how to create polyrhythms using midi and audio please check out our tutorial video on YouTube

The pack contains polyrhythms, polymeter techniques and a combination of both in a number of different time signatures and cover a variety of genres including Techno, Trance, House, Drum and Bass and Dubstep.

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Polyrhythm Midi pack

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