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Poly Rhythm Midi Collection Volume 1

Poly Rhythm Midi Collection Volume 1
Price: £15.00
Brand: Transmission Samples
Product Code: PRV1
Availability: Instant Download
Rather than creating a product for a type of genre, this time we built a product around a composition or rhythmical technique known as PolyRhythms or PolyMeters.
This, of course, can be used as a production tool but also an educational tool for producers getting to grips with polyrhythm techniques. For a more detailed explination on how to create polyrhythms using midi and audio please check out our tutorial video on youtube via the link below.
The pack contains polyrhythms, polymeter techniques and a combination of both in a number of different time signitures and cover a variety of genres including Techno, Trance, House, Drum and Bass and Dubstep.
39 Midi drum patterns
35 Lead and Melodic Patterns

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