Poly Rhythm Midi Pack

Euclidean Rhythms, Polymeters, Polyrhythms, Polymetric!

Next-level Rhythms!

Incorporate polyrhythmic textures with these complex rhythm techniques

Rather than creating a product for a type of genre, this time we built a product around a composition or rhythmical technique known as PolyRhythms and PolyMeters.

This product can be a production tool and an educational tool for producers to get to grips with polyrhythm techniques. 

This pack contains only MIDI and includes melodic and drum arrangements, harmonizing chord and melodic lead progressions, and single drag and drop patterns, all featuring polyrhythms, polymeters, and Euclidean Rhythms. The MIDI files are presented in several different keys and time signatures (3/4, 4/4, 5/4, 6/8, and 7/8) which are usable in nearly any genre, while also including pre-organised files for Techno, Trance, House, Drum and Bass, and Dubstep.

These unique MIDI compositions can be used in any Tempo (BPM) to fit your production style and contain rhythmic leads, melodies, percussion, and drums to explore the world of polymetric, Euclidean, and syncopated rhythms.

I would recommend pairing these with your favorite synthesiser or drum kit sampler, to be used in any DAW such as Ableton, Logic, Cubase and Fruity Loops to add that secret sauce to your productions.

This MIDI pack contains
  • 35 Polyrhythm and polymeter Midi drum patterns and arrangements
  • 51 Polyrhythm and polymeter Lead and Melodic sequences and arrangements
  • 67 Euclidean Rhythms
  • 18 Fundamental polyrhythm combinations
A total of 171 midi files

For existing customers
This product has now been upgraded to version 2, this version includes a Euclidean Rhythm tool kit and Fundamental polyrhythm combinations. I have reached out to our customers who have previously purchased version 1. If you have version 1 and have not received our upgrade email, please contact us to arrange a free upgrade.

Polyrhythm and polymeter compositional tutorial
Please check out our polyrhythm tutorial video on YouTube for a more detailed explanation of how to create polyrhythm and polymeters using midi and audio.

How can polyrhythms enhance my music?

Polyrhythms can help add complexity and interest to your composition. Using multiple rhythms and polyrhythm or polymeter techniques, you can create unexpected tension and make your music more intriguing for the listener. Using polyrhythms will force you to break away from typical western arrangements and song structures, which is why these rhythms are so popular in music genres such as Jazz and World music.

Using polyrhythms correctly can create a great hypnotic groove due to repeating patterns being offset against each other, however, they can also sound chaotic and can be difficult to manage in an arrangement. I think it’s important to remember that the polyrhythms are meant to be heard as 2 different rhythms rather than a single rhythm. The easiest way to keep the rhythms independent is by ensuring each rhythm has its own frequency range. For example, in the case of a polymeter, if you use a low-frequency Kick drum in 4/4 and a hi-hat pattern in 5/4, this would help to keep the rhythms independent and should sound much less chaotic.