Introducing our new MIDI Collection to kick-start your productions!

Focusing on the current, forward-thinking sound of Trance, we've created a fine selection of amazing sounding riffs in the style of labels such as Anjunabeats, Armada, and Enhanced.

If Big stabs, pumping pads, and hypnotic leads are your thing, then look no further! Put together by Industry professionals, this collection is essential for those seeking to master their composing skills! The MIDI files can be used in their standard form or edited, or re-arranged!

These MIDI files also include audio examples for you to use freely in your productions

This MIDI Pack includes:
  • 20 MIDI files
  • 20 Audio examples
  • PDF Booklet with a license agreement

Synth sounds used in the demo are not included in the pack
The Demo was made using no additional effects or processing.

This product contains MIDI files and Audio recordings, if you are looking for a version to include multi-track samples then please look at
Trance MIDI pack Volume 3

Trance Music: What is it?

Trance music is a style of EDM that places a heavy emphasis on synthesized melodies, Lush Pads, and Euphoric Arps, backed by a four-to-the-floor kick drum pattern. Mostly known for its huge breakdowns and build-ups, Trance music has been developed for the Dance Floor.

The sequences used in Trance are extremely melodic, Euphoric, and uplifting. The Euphoric effect is achieved using large delays and reverbs, along with instrumentation such as plucks, gated synths, sweeping pads, and acoustic guitar. These Instruments are then often side-chained to the Kick which enhances the emotionally upbeat nature of the genre.

Beginning of Trance Music

Trance music started in the early 1990s, as the dance revolution swept over the UK and continental Europe, the first styles of Trance music began to take shape. At this time, house music had already become widely accepted, and Techno had also gained popularity in Europe. In 2000 Trance music really started to gain recognition and incorporate sounds and techniques used in other genres such as Hardstyle, Hardcore, Pop, and Progressive House. By 2010 Trance music had become one of the most popular styles of EDM, played in Clubs, Festivals, Music Television, and Radio services, the genre also frequently entered the music charts including a UK number-one single with Armin Van Buuren's “Full Focus”. The genre also influenced a lot of Pop music at this time, with songs like “Only girl (in the world)” by Rihanna and Lady Gaga with “Born this way”.