Trance MIDI collection Discount bundle

This is a bundle of 3 different Trance MIDI and Sample Packs at a discounted price.

Although these compositions were originally designed for Trance music, the flexibility of MIDI means they can fit any genre which requires lush pads, uplifting chord progressions, melodic sequences and a euphoric vibe. The compositions can be remixed, rearranged, transposed to any key, played at any tempo and patched to any sound imaginable making this a seriously powerful production tool.

For absolute convenience and ease of use, you will find each MIDI composition packaged into individual folders labelled with key and scale information. Each composition folder contains two MIDI files, 1 featuring the chord or pad progression, the other contains the melody, lead, sequence and bassline information.

These packs have been created by seasoned professionals in the Trance industry with many releases on major Trance labels including Armada Music, A state of Trance, Black hole recordings, Alter Ego Recording and have had tracks featuring on multiple compilation albums such as Ministry Of Sound and Sony BMG .

All the MIDI compositions are original and unique to Transmission Samples and come with a100% royalty free license.

The quality of these packs are seriously hard to beat.

Featured in this Trance MIDI and Sample pack Bundle

  • 142 Trance MIDI compositions
  • 100 Trance sample loops, including Pads, chord progressions melodies and Arps at 136bpm

For more information on the individual Trance Packs please see the links below

Trance MIDI Pack Vol 1

Trance MIDI Pack Vol 2

Trance MIDI Pack Vol 3

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