Precision in MIDI: Award-Winning Pianist Juan Sanchez Captures Jazz Expression and Authenticity in Every Performance.

Introduce the soulful essence of jazz piano through the intimate performances of pianist and composer Juan Sanchez. This Jazz MIDI pack comprises of 30 full compositional ideas, with each including multiple song sections and arrangements such as Intros, A, B, C sections, Outros, and Bridges, complemented by a comprehensive chord progression document to deepen your understanding of the musical theory underpinning each piece.  

These Jazz MIDI performances capture every nuanced touch and human subtlety, evoking genuine emotions with the authentic expression of velocity, swing, and sustain, as performed by a seasoned musician. Great to give your music productions that professional edge.

Each keypress exudes grace, perfectly attuned to a human groove. A Feel You Just Can't Program!

Much more than just MIDI Chords

Each MIDI file includes chord progressions, bass notes, harmonies and multiple melodic ideas utilizing the many different musical modes found in Jazz. Use the ideas as they are, or extract and re-arrange from the multiple sections to help you write your own musical pieces. Experience the difference between robotic, formulaic arrangements and the soulful expression of a living, breathing artist.

What's included

  • 30 Jazz MIDI compositions
    • Each composition includes multiple arrangement ideas
    • Chord Progression Document for each arrangement
    • Labelled by Key
    • Royalty Free License

Compatible with all major DAW's such as Ableton Live, Cubase, Logic, FL Studio, and Pro Tools.

Ideas for its use in music production

Incorporate a Jazz vibe by using the chord progressions in your House and Techno Tracks, or take a more melodic approach and incorporate the ideas into your LoFi, RnB, Soul, or Funk Productions. All compositions come with a royalty-free license for you to use in your own commercial productions without any need to register, or share royalty payments.

Although each music piece was performed on a piano you can use the MIDI to trigger any sound imaginable, route the performances to your favorite sampler or synthesizer, and design your own sound to drive your unique style. Check out our Jazz music production tutorial for more Jazz music tips.

Who is Juan Sanchez?

Juan Sanchez is an award-winning Pianist and Composer based in Barcelona, recognized for both his classical and ambient electronic work which has been released on multiple labels worldwide. Also working with theaters and film directors you will hear his compositions and performances in multiple short films and as a soundtrack of the film 'Nobody Is Crazy'. Find out more about Juan Sanchez's MIDI Pack label here.

This level of detail results in something truly unique and special. step away from robotic melodies and beats and incorporate human emotion and behavior.

More than Just loops

Step beyond the realm of robotic loops and melodies; embrace the human touch of Juan Sanchez's performances. 

Example of file structure and a chord sheet taken from MIDI Jazz Piano Track 2

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