A Jazz Multi-Track session recorded at Flowriders Studio and performed by highly regarded producers, composers and session musicians.

Jazz Sample Pack with a 7 minute multi-track arrangement.

Davis Session is a Jazz Sample pack which includes Jazz Chord Progressions, Guitar Phrases and Riffs, live Drums, Trumpets, Single Hits, and many other varieties of Jazz Loops. For maximum flexibility, and instant arrangement ideas, you will also find a full 7-minute multitrack recording session performed on a Ludwig Drum Kit, Vintage Gibson Guitar, Bass played on Mini Moog, and a gorgeously warm sounding Trumpet. 

The instruments are played by highly regarded professional musicians who are masters at their instruments, with huge experience in recording sessions. Engineered by the staff at Flowriders studio who have worked with many clients including Wu Tang Clan, MF Doom and Cinematic Orchestra.

This Jazz Sample pack is for the Jazz audiophiles who care about the finer details in recording equipment, acoustic environment, musicianship, and production.

The samples have been processed through an SSL400 E mixing desk with various outboard and analogue equipment such as Telefunken M15 Mastering Tape and the preamps, Telefunken V676, Neve 1073, and API 512. Recorded at Flowriders studio, in their exquisite acoustic environment which provides superb warmth and clarity for your Jazz, or jazz-influenced music productions. 

This product can be used with any DAW such as Ableton, Logic, Cubase or Studio One.

All files are 24bit Wav, played at 125 bpm, and includes a license to use the samples in your own productions, 100% royalty-free. 

Equipment used to make this Jazz Sample Pack

  • Mics on the drums are Neumann U47, Coles 4038, Akg D12, Shure Beta 181, Akg C12a.
  • Processed on an SSL 4000 E, outboard equipment and Telefunken M15.
  • Pre amps : Telefunken V676, Neve 1073, API 512.

Musicians performing in Davis Jazz session 

  • Trumpet Samples: Teus Nobel
  • Keys Samples: Vincent Helbers
  • Guitar Samples: Rory Ronde
  • Drum Samples: Jamie Peet