Over 250 Acoustic Piano, Rhodes and Analogue Synth Loops of Melodies, Riffs and Chord Progressions.

For maximum warmth and character, all sounds have been recorded through 2" tape (Studer a 800 Mk 3) and mixed in Flowrider studios SSL4000E console.

A sample collection of Keys, Leads, Atmospheres, Pads and chord progressions played on a range of Pianos and analogue Synths, including the Prophet rev 5, Steinway grand piano, Roland Juno 106, Minimoog Model D and Solina string ensemble to name a few.

These purposely made samples are labelled by Key and Tempo. Great for a warm vintage vibe and perfect for genres which benefit from a hint of Jazz, including Hip Hop, Trap, Soul, Nu Jazz and Lo Fi House.

This sample pack includes

  • 16 Acoustic Piano samples (Loops, Chord Progressions, Riffs and phrases)
  • 81 Rhodes samples (Loops, Chord Progressions, Riffs and phrases)
  • 157 Synth Loops (Bass, Pads and Chord Progressions)

Equipment List

Keys : Minimoog Model D, Kawai acc Piano, Steinway grand piano, Rhodes Mk1, Prophet rev 5, Prophet 6, Roland Juno 106, Korg Polysix, Yamaha SY1, Roland Sh 101, Arp Odysee, Solina string ensemble, roland RS 09, Roland Juno 60, Oberheim OB 8, Minimoog Model D, Wurlitzer and the Polymoog.

Loops covering the tempos, 90bpm, 94bpm, 97bpm, 98bpm, 110bpm, 115bpm, 116bpm, 125bpm and 128bpm.

All Samples are 24bit Wav and includes a license to use these Samples in your productions royalty free.