String Samples performed by a hugely talented string quartet.

As you can hear from the audio demo, the quality of this pack is outstanding in both performance and production, recorded using some of the best studio equipment, in a beautiful acoustic environment. This strings sample pack perfectly captures the artistry of this talented string quartet. Recorded at the renowned Flowriders Studio, a studio equipped with some of the highest quality recording equipment. The equipment used on this pack includes a large diaphragm Neumann Microphones, the iconic Neumann U 47, and Neumann M 49 to ensure every note is captured with warmth and clarity.

Inspired by Detroit and J Dilla

Inspired by the vibrant and diverse Detroit music scene, renowned for its Techno, Jazz, and Hip Hop influences, Detroit Strings draws substantial inspiration from the melodic finesse of the legendary J Dilla. This esteemed Detroit artist has carved his name in history through his remarkable Hip Hop productions, characterized by rhythmic drums that swing effortlessly, accompanied by velvety and soulful samples. What set J Dilla apart is his unparalleled knack for crafting elaborate and textured beats that mesmerize and enchant his listeners. The essence of J Dilla's artistry echoes through Detroit Strings, as they pay homage to the city's musical heritage while weaving their own musical tapestry that honors the masterful legacy of this musical genius.

Excellent performance and recording

Step into a world of breathtaking musicianship, expert engineering, and an acoustic environment designed to capture the essence of beautifully warm Cellos, deep and euphoric Violas, and a lush chorus of enchanting Violins. From plucked to pizzicato and a range of meticulously performed bowed techniques, the diverse sounds of the string instruments invite you to unleash your creativity.

String Sample Pack details

Each sample is thoughtfully titled by key and features multiple variations of riffs, melodies, chord progressions, and captivating String FX crafted using the iconic multi-FX powerhouse, Eventide H3000. This seamless organization ensures ease of use and utmost versatility, allowing you to effortlessly weave these soulful strings into your compositions.

From serene 80bpm to a more energetic tempo of 130bpm, Detroit Strings showcases its roots in J Dilla's Hip Hop legacy, while transcending genres to fit seamlessly into any musical creation. Whether you're producing soulful Hip Hop beats, atmospheric electronic tracks, or even introspective ballads, this sample pack will become an invaluable asset in your musical toolkit.

Unleash the power of Detroit Strings and infuse your productions with an emotional depth and soulful richness that will captivate your listeners. Elevate your music with the heart and soul of a string quartet, and let your creativity soar.