String Samples performed by a string quartet.

Recorded at Flowriders Studio, using large diaphragm Neumann Microphones such as the Neumann U 47 and Neumann M 49.

Detroit strings is inspired by the colorful Detroit music scene, known for Techno, Jazz and Hip Hop and takes huge influence from J Dilla's melodic take on Hip Hop.

The musicianship, engineering, recording equipment and Acoustic environment captures the character of beautifully warm Cellos, deep and euphoric Violas and a chorus of lush Violins playing plucked, pizzicato and a variety of bowed techniques.

The samples are titled by key and include multiple variations of riffs, melodies, chord progressions and String FX using the legendary multi-FX monster, Eentide H3000. Making the pack easy to use and extremely versatile.

This string sample pack covers the tempos 80bpm to 130bpm, although inspired by Hip Hop legend J Dilla, Detroit strings is very useable in any genre, making this a great Sample Pack to have in your tool kit.