Old School Hip Hop Samples, Loops, and MIDI.

Banger Samples is proud to present "Hip Hop Science" - a collection of punchy drum loops, Synth Loops, Bass Loops, Single Hits, and MIDI files. 

About this Hip Hop Sample Pack:

The sounds range from sub-heavy basslines, with warm old-school vibes, to cinematic atmospheres, music loops, chord progressions, and melodies that capture the Hip Hop spirit.

All loops, MIDI files, and sounds are labeled by key and tempo, so everything is organized and easy to use. Drag and drop Loops of the same key into Ableton's session view to quickly audition a combination of loops, or load the single hits into a sampler and use the MIDI to trigger the patterns.  

If you want to add a new level to your beats, then this is the package for you!

Sample Pack Details:

  • 33 808 Bass Loops;
  • 06 Bass Universal MIDI;
  • 25 808, Bass One Shots;
  • 08 Construction Kits;
  • 30 Drum One Shots; [Claps, Hats, Kicks, Percs, Snare]
  • 17 Full Drum Loops;
  • 12 Kick Loops;
  • 12 Snare & Clap Loops;
  • 17 Top & Perc Loops;
  • 33 Music Loops;
  • 34 Synth & Chord Loops
  • 20 Synth One Shots
  • 10 Tape Vinyl Noise Loops
  • 100% Royalty-Free.
  • Unzipped 1,48Gb
  • All Files 360

What is Hip Hop Music?

Hip-hop is distinguished by its slow tempo, a dominant rhythmic beat, and usually accompanied by rhythmical speech or Rap vocal recordings. Hip-hop is one of the most popular music genres in the US, the genre started with Kool Herc in 1970's New York City. The aim was to keep the audience dancing for longer by prolonging the instrumental breaks from Hard Funk records. This was done by mixing between the breaks from two of the same record, a technique recognized as turntablism. The music style was coined Disco Rap.

Initially popular with African, Latino, and Caribbean scenes. Politically seen as a minority youth movement, protesting against discriminatory treatment. Hip-hop developed into a culture based on graffiti, breakdancing (also known as breaking or b-boying), rapping (also known as MCing), and DJing, including Mixing and scratching. 

Hip-hop has given rise to hundreds of subgenres, including Trap, Grime, Gangster Rap, Rap Rock (or Nu Metal), Crunk, LoFi, Chillhop, Pop, and RnB. It has given a career to hugely successful artists such as Nicki Minaj, Jay-Z, Lil' Kim, and Ice Cube.

Incorporate that Hip Hop culture in your music productions!