Take a psychedelic journey into Polyrhythmic, syncopated guitar riffs, played with human, but complex timing, and emotion.

LoFi guitar samples from musician and producer Waywell.

Our Lo-Fi/Hip Hop Guitar Samples pack is something special. Unlike anything you'll find on the market, this pack was recorded and produced by a seriously talented guitarist and producer with a unique style and keen ear for detail. The samples were made with a Mexican Fender Stratocaster electric guitar, a Fender Princeton Reverb guitar amplifier, and an AKG C414 condenser microphone, all recorded using industry-standard equipment and studio conditions.

This guitar pack includes a high-quality range of loops, chord progressions, melodies, and guitar solos that are perfect for adding a touch of nostalgia and melancholy to your music.

This Sample pack contains the following
  • 16 Chord Loops
  • 17 Melodies
  • 2 Guitar Solos
  • Made for Lo-Fi and Hip Hop
  • Royalty Free
  • 70 - 90 BPM
  • 24bit 44.1khz WAV format
  • Recorded using industry-standard equipment and studio
  • Compatible with any DAW
  • Drag & Drop
  • Labeled by Key and BPM

Equipment used:
  • Mexican Fender Stratocaster Electric Guitar 
  • Fender Princeton Reverb Guitar Amplifier
  • AKG C414 Condenser Microphone
  • No compression or reverb has been added to the samples - this gives you more freedom to mix it well within your track
  • All samples are normalised to -4db
  • Tips and advice for mixing the guitar to get the Lo Fi sound are included in the README file within the download
  • 24Bit WAV files are compatible with all major DAW's and Samplers.

If you are unsure please check the manual of your DAW or sampler; otherwise I am happy to answer any questions if you have any concerns.

If you don't know Waywell and you like psychedelic Lo-Fi, we would highly recommend his music. 

Waywell - Feather

Waywell rocking out!

For more information on Waywell and where to find his music, please see his Waywell's label page here

What is Hip Hop?

Hip-hop is known for its heavy use of drums and percussion, which often feature a laid-back jazz swing and a slow tempo or half-time rhythm. These beats are typically played at a tempo ranging from 80 to 90 beats per minute and are typically created using drum machines, live drum kits, or samples taken from Funk breaks or Jazz broken beat grooves. The use of drums and percussion is a defining characteristic of hip-hop music and plays a crucial role in defining the genre's overall sound and style.

Hip hop music often incorporates a wide range of instruments beyond just drums and percussion. While Jazz, Soul, and Funk elements are frequently used in hip-hop tracks, other instruments such as keyboards, bass, guitar, and horns may also be commonplace. Sampling is also a common technique used in hip hop, where slices of pre-existing music, such as soul, funk, and jazz tracks from the 1970s, are used to make new compositions.

The genre originated in New York City in the 1970s. African American, Caribbean Americans, and Latino regions helped develop the music genre into a culture of art or graffiti, dance style (breakdance), and DJ'ing (turntablism).

What is LoFi 

LoFi originated in the 1990s and is characterized by low-fidelity, relaxed, and atmospheric sounds. Typically featuring downtempo beats, samples from a variety of sources including natural Foley, and a warm analog sound. The genre is often associated with nostalgia and melancholic emotions and has become popular among hip-hop fans and beatmakers who are looking for a laid-back and meditative feel. 

Like Hip Hop, LoFi works extremely well with Jazz chord progressions and Warm Jazz instrumentation such as Trumpets, Saxophones, Guitars, Rhodes Pianos, and a Hammond Organ. 

What is LoFi Hip Hop

Hip Hop and Lofi share many similar characteristics and it's easy to see how compatible the genres are. Both genres share their roots with Jazz which influences the groove, chord progressions, and instrumentation. You could say Lofi Hip Hop is Hip Hop that makes use of atmospheric Foley, Vinyl noise, and Warm, vintage analog equipment. The genre can also be more experimental than straight Hip Hop, with more syncopation on the backbeat, and in keeping with jazz, it is typical to hear exaggerated swing and an even slower tempo than typical Hip Hop.

The genre is also less aggressive and less energetic feel than traditional hip-hop, often taking on a calmer and dreamier theme. This can also be reflected in the lyrics which may be more personal and introspective in nature. Due to the genre's theme, it is very common to hear music paired with Japanese anime, adding to its imaginative atmosphere.

Guitar in LoFi Hip Hop

Of course, Wayell has his own brand of LoFi Hip Hop which includes hypnotic rhythms and riffs with a psychedelic feel, however, the use of guitars is not uncommon throughout the genre. For example, J Dilla's track "Don't Cry" features a 1970's R&B/soul sample and MF Doom's "Rap Snitch Knishes" uses a guitar riff to drive the melody. Jinsang's song "Affection" also incorporates jazz chords and an arpeggiated guitar riff similar to some of the samples you'll find in this pack.

Royalty-free license with this Lo-Fi guitar Sample Pack for use in your commercial productions.

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