Lo-Fi House Sample Pack from producers Lyma and Seravince with drums played by Richard Spaven.

These Lofi house samples have been processed by outboard analog gear and mixed through an SSL 4000 E console.

Dirt Boy explores the realms of smooth and deep Lofi House, performed by a collaboration of exceptional musicians and producers and recorded at the superbly equipped Flowriders Studio. Fusing the intricacies of Jazz with the groove of House music, this is a deep Lo-Fi sound with a bounce. Combining analog electronic synthesizers with professional live recorded musicians, with performances on a number of instruments, including the Drums, percussion Keys, Electric Guitar and Electric Bass.

This sample pack includes Broken Beat Loops, House Drum Loops, Acoustic Drum Loops, Drum Multitrack recordings, and a huge range of deep analog electronic sounds, using the synthesizers, Rhodes Mk1, Prophet rev5, Roland Sh 101, Arp Odyssey, and Solina strings to name a few.

If you're a fan of Flying Lotus, Ross from Friends, DJ Boring, and Mall Grab then this Sample pack will give you access to that vintage warm production and that deep funky groove.

This product can be used with all DAW's that support 24-bit Wav, including Cubase, Ableton, Studio One, Logic, and Fruity Loops Studio, and includes a license to use the samples in your own productions 100% royalty-free.

This Sample Pack includes

  • 85 Drum and percussion Loops
  • 50 Music Loops - including Leads, Bass, Pads, FX and chord progressions 
  • 10 Vocal Loops
  • 6 Guitar Loops and Riffs
  • 6 Rhodes Mk1 Piano Loops
  • 31 Drum Hits
  • 70 music and vocal hits
  • 258 Files, 478Mb

Loops based on the tempos 112 bpm, 115 bpm, 118 bpm, 120 bpm, 122 bpm and 133 bpm

Equipment List

Pre Amps used in this Lo Fi Sample Pack; Telefunken V676, Neve 1073, API 512

Synthesizers used for these LoFi House Samples; Rhodes Mk1, Prophet rev5, Roland Sh 101, Arp odyssey, Solina strings

DI; Radial, Reddi, Avalon U5

Microphones used on the Drums; Neumann U47, Coles 4038, Akg D12, Shure Beta 181, AKG C12a

All Supreme Chops products are recorded at Flowriders studio

What is Lo-Fi House?

Also described as Nu Jazz and Wonky EDM, Lo-Fi house is a relatively new term for a genre of music that incorporates the deep and funky grooves of house, Disco, Funky House, and deep house, fused with a nostalgic dreamy feel obtained through analog and vintage synthesizers. Lo-Fi house frequently crosses paths with Future Garage, although the rhythms are very different, the instruments used and the atmospheric vibe captured in the live recordings are closely related. Expect to hear pitch wrapping and modulating analog synthesizers, funky but disjointed rhythms, Jazz influenced recording techniques, and musicianship with a warm and punchy sound obtained using ribbon mics, valve amps, vintage and all analog outboard processing.


Lo-fi and House are seen as distinct genres. The blending of the two genres has become its own specialized sub-genre since late 2010's.

Low fidelity, or "Lofi" music uses equipment, recording and production choices that capture a nostalgic vibe that is full of character. The idea is to replace digitally clean sounds with warmer analog sounds. Analog sounds are recognized for their warm imperfections which can be very pleasing to our ears. 

The differences between Lofi and high-fidelity music can be compared with listening to music on Vinyl vs digital CD's or MP3's. You'll hear features like distortion, background noise, pitch warping, and other audible flaws. 

It's easy to hear how "Lofi" characteristics were crucial to the establishment of both Hip-Hop and House, especially given how popularized Lofi Hip-Hop and Lofi House have become in recent years. You can find examples of early Hip-Hop using these production elements through bands and artists such as A Tribe Called Quest and J Dilla.

Similarly, some early house music would now be seen as Lofi house. An example of this is Mister Fingers' "Mystery of Love". The song was released in 1988 and is reminiscent of the early days of house music while still exhibiting elements of what is now known as "Lofi House".

The connection between different genres is what makes music more interesting. As time goes on, we hear snippets of timeless cultural works, such as the Mister Fingers House hit "Mystery of Love" which appears in modern songs like Kanye West's "Fade" through sampling and other forms of expression. 

Given that House music comes from Kanye's hometown of Chicago, house music is shown to have a special place in his heart. Both of these Hip-Hop and House examples show the "Lofi" thread, which unites all of these genres in a very special way and paves the path for artists like Kanye to take it even further.

What other genres can I use this pack for?

As described this sample pack is great for that Lofi sound while also including hints of Jazz, Hip Hop, Funk, and soul, this makes it a perfect sample pack for an authentic Phonk production another subgenre of LoFi. Due to the analog processing and use of Tape, the samples and loops in this pack have lots of character and warmth, making this perfect for Phonk. If you find the samples give you too much clarity due to the high-end equipment being used, then various saturation, bit crushing or distortion VSTs can help achieve more grit and distortion to the production if needed.

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