Wes Yee - Lofi Loops and Horn Samples

The sound of a great musician from this incredible Lofi and Horn sample pack.

Experience soulful warmth and nostalgia with these expertly produced Horn Samples and Lofi Loops – A rich collection of professionally recorded instruments played with expertise, passion, and precision. You'll find studio performances on a Rickenbacker bass, with the harmonious tones of a Yamaha Trumpet, and the versatile sounds of a Nord Keyboard. These instruments are versatile enough to create a huge range of genres! From this pack, you'll hear styles and techniques from Lofi, modern soul, Jazz, Funk, and Hip Hop.

Recorded using advanced techniques and performed with genuine musical passion, these samples exemplify Wes Yee's accomplished musical abilities in production and composition. With over a decade of professional production experience across various genres, Wes Yee has earned credits from studio sessions with renowned artists like Tory Lanez, 24hrs, and Jgriff, as well as top networks including MTV, VH1, BET, and many others.

Using high-quality mics, on a great console, these recordings capture the warmth and organic essence of each instrument, providing a wide emotional range, from triumphant highs to melancholic lows making the samples perfect for a versatile producer.

This perfect fusion of trumpet and Lofi creates a unique and soothing blend of traditional and contemporary music. The rich, smooth trumpet tones effortlessly channel feelings of longing, reflection, and nostalgia, while the vintage keys and the bass provide the perfect Lofi backdrop.

Included in this Lofi Horn sample pack;

  • 20 Construction kits - Song ideas with individual instrument multi-tracks
  • 150 Lofi Loops - Includes Vox loops, Drum Fills, 808s, Bass Loops, guitar loops, Horns, Trumpets, Brass Samples and Vox.
  • Covering a huge range of tempos - 70bpm to 150bpm - Huge versatility.
  • License clearance, to use this product is royalty-free.
  • All Wav files are high quality audio; 24bit, 44.1khz - Compatible with any DAW (digital audio workstation)
  • Bonus MIDI pack containing melodies to 50 Hit Tracks.

With 20 complete song ideas broken down into multitrack stems, you'll have endless possibilities for chopping, flipping, and remixing these sounds into your own musical masterpieces. Whether you make boom bap, future funk, or downtempo, these Brass Samples and Lofi loops have authentic retro-modern ingredients.

The warm, analog sound was captured using classic instruments like Fender Rhodes, Rickenbacker Bass, Prophet 5, Nord, and a beautifully recorded trumpet performed with soul. Re-arrange the stems into new stories, stretch, wrap, edit the loops, or take out sections and play them through a sampler.

Includes 50 bonus MIDI files of chord progressions of Hit pop tracks.

(These samples and MIDI are also included in the Wes Yee Timeless Loops and Horn String Pack)

The features and benefits of these Lofi Loops and Soul sample library

Features Benefits
Professional PerformancesInstruments played by an established musician.
Diverse Instrumentation Access a wide range of samples, including guitar, keys, bass, horns, and trumpet.
Lofi, Soul, and Hip Hop Vibes A versatile collection capturing smooth groves and soulful vibes
Expertly Recorded Experience warm and organic sound quality with expressive nuances.
Vintage Instruments Enjoy the richness of classic instruments like Fender Rhodes and Prophet 5.
Well Organized Labelled with Key and tempo information and packaged by song arrangement.
Multitrack Stems Endless creative possibilities with 20 complete song ideas.
Royalty-Free License Use the product freely in your commercial projects without additional costs.
High-Quality Audio Work with High-Quality 24bit, 44.1khz WAV files compatible with any DAW.

All WAV files included are high-quality audio, recorded at 24bit and 44.1 kHz, making them compatible with any digital audio workstation (DAW). With 20 complete song ideas broken down into multitrack stems, you have endless possibilities for crafting your own musical masterpieces. 

These emotive horn samples and mellow keys are exactly what you need to add nostalgic Lofi vibes to your next track. Download now and explore the creative possibilities today.

Compatible with all major DAWs such as Cubase, Ableton, Nuendo, FL Studio, Logic, and Pro-Tools. See our other Lofi Sample Packs and music production tools.

Infuse your tracks with professional musicianship and sound - Add to cart to download Horn Samples and Lofi Loops today.

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What are horn samples and how are they used in music production?

Horn samples are pre-recorded performances of brass instruments, such as trumpets or saxophones, that are used in music production. They can be used to add a dynamic and powerful element to a song, providing catchy melodies or bold accents. Horn samples are commonly used in genres like jazz, funk, and hip-hop.

Where can I find high-quality horn samples for my music project?

There are several websites where you can find high-quality horn samples for your music project. Some popular options include Splice, Transmission Samples, and Sample Magic. These platforms offer a wide range of horn samples in various styles and genres to enhance your music production.