Add depth to your Lofi productions with high-quality recordings taken from the forest

Ambient and atmospheric drones play a huge role in setting the vibe for many styles of music, especially Lofi. These Forest Samples are designed to provide an atmospheric foundation for your music productions. Recorded in the serene woods surrounding Vienna, this collection features a diverse array of ambient sounds and rhythmic foley loops, perfect for creating an immersive auditory experience.

Includes a royalty-free license allowing free use in any Music Production, Film Scores, Trailers, Commercials, Documentaries, and Background music. 


Natural Atmosphere: 21 ambient sounds including rain, wind, birds, and leaves.

Rhythmic Foley: 10 rhythmical foley loops to add texture and movement to your tracks.

Diverse Foley Sounds: Includes 7 gravel one-shots, 28 leaf crackles, 11 stone hits, 9 water splashes, and 34 wood hits.

Processed Pads and Drones: 18 foley pads processed with EQ and sine waves, all in the key of C, ready to be used as melodic elements.


Authentic Nature Sounds: Recorded in true stereo for a rich, immersive experience, with mono compatibility for versatile use.

Designed for Lofi Production: All samples are processed and edited with lofi music in mind, ensuring they blend seamlessly into your projects.

Creative Flexibility: Use these ambient recordings, rhythmical loops, and one-shot sounds to add depth, texture, and natural warmth to your compositions.


  • 21 Long Ambient Recordings (rain, wind, birds, leaves, etc.)
  • 10 Rhythmical Foley Loops
  • 7 Gravel One-Shots
  • 28 Leaf Crackles
  • 18 Foley Pads
  • 11 Stone Hits
  • 9 Water Splashes
  • 34 Wood Hits


Audio Quality: 48kHz / 24-bit for pristine audio quality.

Royalty-Free: All samples are 100% royalty-free, allowing for unrestricted use in your commercial projects.

File Size: 525 MB of meticulously recorded and processed sounds.

Compatibility: Fully compatible with all major DAWs, including Ableton Live, Cubase, Logic, and FL Studio.


Natural Ambience: Enhance your tracks with the calming and organic sounds of the forest.

Versatile Sound Palette: From ambient drones to percussive foley, this pack offers a wide range of textures.

Easy Integration: Drag and drop simplicity ensures these sounds fit seamlessly into your workflow.


Drag and Drop: Easily incorporate ambient sounds, rhythmical loops, and one-shots into your DAW.

Layer and Experiment: Combine different elements to create unique, nature-infused textures and patterns.

Add Depth: Use foley pads and drones to introduce subtle, ambient layers to your tracks.

These Forest Samples offer a comprehensive collection of ambient and foley sounds, professionally recorded and processed with Lofi music production in mind. With high-quality recordings, true stereo sound, and seamless DAW compatibility, this pack is an essential tool for any producer looking to add an authentic, natural vibe to their music.

Add to cart and treat your music with some depth from the forest