Hand-performed percussion recorded in a dry studio space with precision AB stereo micing

A Vintage Vibe, perfect for Lofi Production!

Designed to bring human life and swing into your Lofi drums, this pack offers an authentic and versatile collection of Retro Percussion Samples, Sounds, and Loops. Recorded and performed by Lofi Masters Pepper and NNIK, this pack is perfect for Ambient, Downtempo, Hip Hop, and Lofi grooves. With over 80 one-shot percussion samples, 20 Foley percussion hits and 50 hand-played drum loops, this pack will give you the high-quality foundations for all your future Lofi productions.

Drag and drop into your DAWS arrange page, or load the one-shot samples into your favorite sampler to perform original rhythms using a controller, such as MIDI drum pads, or MIDI keyboard. Alternatively, sequence beats using the key editor.

Key Features:

  • Extensive Collection: Over 150 files, including one-shots, loops, and foley sounds.
  • Human-Touched: Each sound was performed by a real human, ensuring a genuine feel and groove.
  • Vintage Instruments: Recorded using a diverse range of percussion instruments, both traditional and makeshift.

Why Choose Retro Percussion

Authentic Sound: No synthesized sounds here. Every sample is the result of a live performance, captured in a super dry studio space with an AB stereo mic setup.

Creative Flexibility: With a wide variety of sounds, from shakers and bongos to tambourines and household items, this pack offers endless possibilities for creativity.

Professional Quality: Light compression and EQ ensure the sounds are polished yet retain their natural character, making them ready to drop into any production.

Product Contents:

  • 80+ One-Shots: Crisp, clean hits perfect for building your own grooves.
  • 50+ Loops: Ready-to-use loops that provide instant inspiration.
  • 20+ Foley Sounds: Unique textures and ambiance to add depth to your tracks.

Technical Specs:

  • Resolution: 48kHz / 24-bit for pristine audio quality.
  • Royalty-Free: All samples are 100% royalty-free, allowing for unrestricted use in your commercial projects.
  • Tempo; Loops range from 63bpm to 119bpm
  • File Size: 215 MB of meticulously recorded and processed sounds.
  • Compatibility: Fully compatible with all major DAWs, including Ableton Live, Cubase, Logic, and FL Studio.

Benefits of Using Retro Percussions:

Human Feel: Each sound is performed by a real human, adding organic swing and life to your productions.

Versatile Sound Palette: From traditional percussion to unconventional household items, this pack covers a wide sonic spectrum.

Easy Integration: Drag and drop simplicity ensures these sounds fit seamlessly into your workflow.

How to Use:

Drag and Drop: Easily incorporate one-shots, loops, and foley sounds into your DAW.

Layer and Experiment: Combine different elements to create unique rhythmic textures and patterns.

Add Depth: Use foley sounds to introduce subtle, ambient layers to your tracks.

Add this pack to your cart and elevate your music with the timeless sound of expertly recorded percussion.

Retro Percussions by Lofi Sounds offers a huge number of unique and versatile percussion sounds. With high-quality recordings, human performances, and seamless DAW compatibility, this pack is a must-have for any producer looking to add an authentic, vintage vibe to their music.

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