Lofi dream team Pepper & NNIK use musicianship and quality equipment to provide the best lofi sample packs.

With over 3 million streams worldwide, Pepper & NNIK share their handmade lofi samples with you, offering a unique blend of authenticity and creativity to elevate your music productions. Their music production tools show off their musicianship, high-quality recording equipment, and creative vision. All recordings are ultra high-quality 48kHz / 24bit resolution, royalty-free and can be downloaded instantly.

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Who are Lofi Sounds?


With over 800k streams, Pepper has cemented his place as a vital figure in the lofi world. His extensive catalog includes collaborations with top labels such as LOLA (Universal Music), Mellofi Records, The Retune Project, Chill Space, and Disruptive Records. With over a decade of experience in sound design and production, Pepper has mastered the art of crafting unique loops and samples that resonate deeply with lofi enthusiasts.


As the CEO of Mellofi Records and the curator of continually growing playlists, NNIK has an innate understanding of what makes a lofi track successful. His own productions have amassed over 2.5 million streams, making NNIK and Mellofi Records indispensable contributors to the lofi scene. His expertise ensures that every sound pack from Lofi Sounds meets the highest standards of quality and creativity.

Lofi music thrives on atmosphere and mood, achieved through the use of genuine, everyday sounds. At Lofi Sounds, we capture this essence by incorporating background noises like gentle rain and birdsong, alongside foley and simple percussive elements. These sounds breathe life into each track, creating an organic, intimate feel. The subtle imperfections in our instruments and melodies add human nuances, fostering a deeper connection between the artist and the audience.

Designed to embody warmth and charm perfect for ambient, melancholic beats or uplifting, nostalgic vibes, Lofi Sounds provides the tools you need to bring your artistic vision to life. 

Reach the potential of your beats with Lofi Sounds. Embrace character and charm to let your music shine.