Beautifully melodic nylon string acoustic guitar samples performed by Lofi duo Pepper and NNIK

These delicate and intricate performances capture the warmth and expressiveness of the nylon string guitar, expertly played by the talented duo.

A great way to introduce human performance to your music productions and stand out in this current clinically digital landscape. Performed with elegance and grace, and recorded with high-quality studio equipment, including an AKG414 and Austrian Audio CC8 for superb clarity, SSL Six Preamps for added warmth, and a light dusting of compression using an IGS Fet Compressor. 

This acoustic guitar sample pack contains 90 guitar loops of finger-plucking rhythmic arpeggios and chord progressions, showcasing the duo's impeccable musicianship and attention to detail. Split up into 45 Wet samples and 45 Dry samples and formatted to 24bit 48khz Wav for maximum quality and flexibility.

Drag and drop processed guitar sounds straight into your arrange page, or use the raw recordings and add your style, vibe, and fx chain. Great for Lofi, Hip Hop, Jazz, Pop, Ambient, and downtempo productions.

Each loop is labeled by key and covers a range of tempos from 62bpm to 143bpm, offering amazing inspiration and song ideas. Each recording and song idea is original and unique, meticulously crafted and produced especially for this sample pack by Pepper and NNIK.

This product includes a license allowing the use of these samples in your commercial productions royalty-free.

Sample Pack Contents:

  • 45 Dry Loops
  • 45 Wet Loops
  • 100% royalty-free
  • 1Gb Total file size
  • Compatible with all DAWs (Ableton Live, Cubase, Nuendo, FL Studio, Logic, etc)
  • 48khz / 24bit File Format

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