Get Warmth and clarity with High-quality Wav files with this Lofi Drum Sample Pack by Lofi Sounds

Human rhythms with swing and groove. Push your mix and sound design forward.

Introducing Mellow Night, a meticulously crafted Lofi Drum Kit designed to infuse your tracks with a super-mellow and calming bounce. Perfect for classic Lofi beats, sleepy/dreamy beats, and chill hop production. Produced by Lofi Sounds, this pack contains 100 Singe Hit Lofi Drum Samples and 20 Swung Drum Loops used by leading Lofi artists.

Key Features:

Comprehensive Collection: 100 drum sounds and 20 drum patterns tailored for mellow and calming lofi productions.

Versatile Sounds: Ideal for creating classic Lofi, Trip hop, Chillhop, and Hip Hop beats.

Effortless Integration: Easily drag and drop into your DAW to enhance your workflow.

Why Choose Mellow Night?

Soft & Mellow Vibes: This pack is all about capturing the essence of softness and mellowness, perfect for setting a relaxed mood in your music.

Versatile Drum Sounds: With a diverse range of hihats, openhats, shakers, percussions, snares, and kicks, Mellow Night provides all the essentials for crafting dreamy lofi beats.

High-Quality Samples: All sounds are recorded at 48kHz / 24-bit resolution, ensuring pristine audio quality for professional production.

An exquisite selection of drum samples gives your music a new rhythm and groove.

Product Contents:

  • 20 Hihats: Crisp and subtle, ideal for creating smooth rhythms.
  • 10 Openhats: Add a touch of brightness and air to your beats.
  • 20 Shakers: Perfect for adding texture and movement.
  • 20 Percussions: Diverse sounds to enhance your rhythmic patterns.
  • 20 Snares: Soft and punchy, providing the backbone for your beats.
  • 10 Kicks: Deep and mellow, perfect for creating a solid foundation.
  • 20 Drum Loops: Ready-to-use loops for instant inspiration and effortless beat-making.

Technical Specs:

Resolution: 48kHz / 24-bit for pristine audio quality.

Royalty-Free: All samples are 100% royalty-free, allowing for unrestricted use in your commercial projects.

File Size: 56.6 MB of high-quality sounds and loops.

Compatibility: Fully compatible with all major DAWs, including Ableton Live, Cubase, Logic, and FL Studio.

Benefits of Using Mellow Night:

Dreamy Atmosphere: Create soothing and relaxed beats that capture the essence of mellow and dreamy vibes.

Extensive Sound Palette: A comprehensive collection of drum sounds that cater to a wide range of lofi styles.

Easy Workflow: Drag and drop simplicity ensures that these sounds integrate seamlessly into your projects.

How to Use:

Drag and Drop: Easily incorporate hihats, open hats, shakers, percussions, snares, kicks, and drum loops into your DAW.

Layer and Experiment: Combine different elements to create unique and soothing rhythmic textures.

Create Depth: Use the diverse range of sounds to add subtle, ambient layers to your tracks.

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