The very best in Jazz and Soul Samples, recorded at Flowriders studios!

Performed by Jazz fusion artists Kotokid and recorded at the legendary Flowriders Studio. Kotokid makes great use of their wealth of recording and processing equipment and their huge variety of high quality instruments and amplifiers, recorded in their exquisite acoustic environment.

Kotokid is a purpose built sample pack containing multi-track construction arrangements, small song structures, Loops and Single Hits of Bass, Guitar, Drums, Keys, a Rhode's Piano and female Vocals with harmonising backing.

All sounds are recorded through a Studer A 800 MK III 2” Tape machine and mixed through an SSL4000E Console which was previously owned by Sir Paul McCartney. The file names include information on the microphones used, such as the Neumann U47 or AEA R92 Ribbon, as well as the instruments like the Fender Rhodes, A Fender Precision Bass, Minimoog or a Roland RS 09 String Ensemble.

The Samples are recorded at a Tempo of 90bpm and include Chord progressions, Chord Stabs, Hi Hat Loops, Percussion Loops Acoustic Drum Kit grooves, Melodies and Jazz riffs, using multiple microphone combinations to achieve a range of sounds from clean Neo Soul drums to a distorted "Thunder Cat" vibe. Great for commercial quality Soul, Funk, Jazz Fusion and R&B productions

All files are formatted to 24bit Wav and include a license to use the Samples in your productions royalty free

This sample pack includes.

  • 150 Vocal Loops/one shots
  • 165 Drum Loops
  • 46 Hi Hat and Cymbal Loops
  • 173 Drum one shots
  • 9 Percussion loops
  • 35 Bass Loops
  • 39 Bass one shots
  • 110 Guitar Loops
  • 75 Guitar one shots
  • 31 Keys Loops
  • 24 Keys one shots

Total pack size 829mb

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Images from Flowriders studio. 

Jazz music: What Is It?

Jazz music is a diverse musical genre distinguished by intricate harmonies, syncopated rhythms, and a strong focus on improvisation. Early in the 20th century, black musicians in New Orleans, Louisiana, created the jazz genre. New Orleans fostered a strong ragtime and blues culture and has long been regarded as one of the musical capitals of the United States. These blues and ragtime forms were expanded upon and improvised by early jazz players like Jelly Roll Morton and Louis Armstrong, who created an entirely new genre of American music.

Jazz quickly gained popularity across the country, and soon New York City was known as the jazz centre of the world. Pop, rock, funk, modal music, traditional pieces of popular music, and even genuine avant-garde compositions have all been incorporated into the musical style.