Supreme Chops - Broken Beat Drum Samples

Supreme Chops brings you the highest quality Drum Loops and Drum fills for your Broken Beat, Soul, Jazz, Disco House, R&B, Hip Hop and Funk productions.

Recorded at the impeccably designed Flowriders studios, this studio-recorded Drum Sample Pack contains a selection of tense, dynamic, and syncopated Drum Groves, Drum Loops, and Drum Fills.

All sounds are professionally recorded by Flowriders in-house engineers using the highest quality microphone combinations and all analog outboard processing equipment. If you know anything about Flowriders studio and their equipment list, you will be assured you are getting the highest quality Drum Recordings and grooves.

Breakbeat Drum Samples and Loops

These Drum Loops will work great in a great number of music genres such as Broken Beat, Acid Jazz, Nu Jazz, Vintage Jazz, Disco, House, R&B, Funk, and Soul, or as unique replacements for the classic Amen Break in your next Jungle or Drum and Bass production.

This Sample pack contains

  • 128 Authentic Broken beat drum grooves, Loops, and Fills.
  • Covering Tempos, 118Bpm, 85Bpm, 88Bpm 124Bpm and 125Bpm
  • A license allowing you to use these samples in your music productions Royalty Free 
  • 103MB of 24Bit Wav Audio

Proven Studio Excellence: Benefit from Flowriders Studio's reputation and cutting-edge equipment list, ensuring that you receive the highest quality drum recordings and grooves available.

Creative Freedom: Elevate your productions by injecting a fresh vibe into any musical project. Our samples serve as unique alternatives to the classic Amen Break, offering endless creative possibilities.

Unrivaled Quality: Introduce human swing and syncopated drum grooves, loops, and fills professionally recorded by Flowriders. Benefit from the pinnacle of sound quality, thanks to top-tier microphone combinations and analog outboard processing equipment.

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