I Told Them Drum One Shot Samples

Drum One Shot Samples with Percussion Cymbals and Loops

Discover Your Groove

The "I Told Them Drum Kit" opens the door to rhythmic adventure. Meticulously crafted, this collection brings 53 Drum One Shot Samples, 19 Drum Loops, and Percussive Fills to create an exciting and successful beat-making experience.

Produced by Ashka from AOTBB, known for kits that resonate energy and style. You find dynamic percussion fills and swinging shakers. Let the drum sounds drive your tracks forward with the syncopated drum loops.

Build Your Sound

With over 70 high-quality drum samples to choose from, including crisp hi-hats, deep 808 bass hits, rich afrobeat percussion, and more, you have endless options for crafting your signature style. Chop and edit the loops in your DAW for new possibilities.


Seamlessly integrate the I Told Them Drum Kit into your workflow. Drop these samples into your preferred DAW or sampler, whether it's Logic, Ableton Live, Cubase or any other major platform. Edit and chop the drum loops to create a signature sound that reflects your unique style.

Works in Any DAW


Feel the freedom of creativity with the assurance that all loops and samples are 100% royalty-free. Produce your next hit track without constraints, knowing that the beats you craft with the I Told Them Drum Kit are uniquely yours.

Load Up Your Sampler

The true power of the "I Told Them Drum Kit" is unleashed when you load the samples into your sampler or drum machine. Each drum hit and loop has been perfectly trimmed, so triggering your own rhythms is smooth and intuitive. Or utilize the kit while jamming - lock into the groove of the drum loops and experiment with fills and variations on the fly for live creation. With such high-quality source material, the possibilities in your sampler are endless.

Drum Sample Pack Key Details:

  • 53 Drum One Shots
  • 19 Drum Loops & Fills
  • 44.1 kHz / 24-Bit WAV Quality
  • 72 Total Samples
  • 66.5 MB File Size

Please note - The music in the demo are not included in this product. Only the drums and percussion sounds are.

Bring the "I Told Them Drum Kit" into your creative workflow now and experience the rhythmic energy that sets your productions apart.