KORSA; Royalty Free Amapiano Samples and Vocals

The Demos are made by layering the Loops to create arrangements. Every instrument you hear in the demos has its own stem recording.

Infectious, vibrant grooves and beats with Royalty Free Amapiano Samples and vocals

Take a vibrant sonic musical journey with 'KORSA: Amapiano & Vocals' - an expertly crafted sample pack delivering the most authentic royalty-free Amapiano Samples to spark your next hit. Includes 143 high-quality WAV loops and 36 MIDI compositions, packed with essential drums, basses, melodies, vocals, and instrument recordings. 

Elevate your music with the Loops and Beats while putting your own spin into the composition and the mix.

Sample Pack Contents;

Audio Loops

  • 12 Bass Loops
  • 79 Drum Loops (Kicks, Snares, Percussion, Cymbals)
  • 39 Melody Loops
  • 13 Vocal Loops


  • Piano, Violins, Saxophone, Rhodes, Plucks, Synths
  • Percussion: Djembe, Conga, Bongos, Shakers, Log Drum

MIDI Files

  • 26 Melody MIDI Files
  • 10 Bass MIDI Files

Covering, 110BPM to 116BPM, and all the tempos in between.

Amapiano MIDI Files

Get total creative control with the 36 MIDI files included. The flexible MIDI format allows you to seamlessly shape the rhythmic Amapiano grooves and musical elements into your own productions.

Customize the files by editing details like key, tempo, rhythm, melody, and bassline using your DAW's tools and virtual instruments. The MIDI notes have been thoughtfully composed with specific instrument sounds as inspiration. This includes plucked Strings, Piano, Rhodes, Trombone, Sax, Synths, and more.

Compatible with any DAW such as Ableton, Logic, Cubase or FL Studio. Tweak to taste or completely transform the chords, notes, and instruments using your VST plugin arsenal. Add layers of sound by assigning the MIDI data to virtual samplers, synthesizers, and drum machines. Combined with the WAV loops, this gives infinite room for sonic exploration.

Amapiano Loops and Beats

Drag and drop the infectious royalty-free WAV loops to instantly ignite inspiration. Shape the tight drum grooves, deep basslines, rich textures, and soulful vocal hooks into your own fresh production.

Meticulously recorded and engineered at pristine 24-bit/44.1 kHz quality, the loops shine with clarity while capturing the raw rhythmic energy of Amapiano. The product includes handy key and BPM details for intuitive organization in your workflow.

Produced by renowned artist Ashka, KORSA: Royalty Free Amapiano samples & Vocals captures the flavorful rhythm and soul of South African house. The tight drum patterns, deep basslines, rich keyboards, and catchy vocals come alive with exceptional musicianship.

Whether you're a seasoned producer looking for Amapiano authenticity or just starting out, this sample pack delivers the flexible tools to produce multiple hit track after track.

The royalty-free license included means you can commercially release original music without hassle.

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Bring the vibrant rhythm of Amapiano into your tracks today. Add 'KORSA: Royalty Free Amapiano & Vocals' to your cart now and instantly download for only £9.99.