KWAZULU Vol 2 - Amapiano and Afro-House Sample Pack

Bring the Grooves of Afro-House and the smooth, laid-back vibes of Amapiano into your studio; Our comprehensive Sample, Loops, and MIDI Pack!

Experience the vibrant rhythms of African music with KWAZULU Vol 2 - Amapiano and Afro-House Sample Pack from the label Thursday Koolshit. This expansive toolkit provides everything you need to craft high-quality, funky, soulful, and dancefloor-ready tracks.

Endless inspiration with the 241 carefully curated musical ideas. With 136 high-quality WAV loops, 15 MIDI files, and 90 one-shot drum samples. Drag and drop for music production ease, or wrap and edit to create your own unique arrangements. Each composition has been uniquely composed for this sample pack and includes a license to use the sounds and compositions in any commercial music production without any extra costs or admin.

Product Contents:

  • 136 WAV Loops:
    • 41 Melody Loops:
      • Melodic Loops and Chord Progressions performed on a number of instruments including:
        • Horns
        • Various Synths, leads, basslines, pads, and keys
        • Clarinet
        • Flute
        • Organ
        • Mallets
        • Oud
        • Vocals
    • 28 Vocals Loops
    • 67 Drum Loops:
      • Drum Full mixes
      • Kick
      • Rim
      • Snare
      • Hats
      • Cymbals
    • Percussion instruments such as:
      • Conga
      • Shakers
      • Log Drum
      • Clap
  • 90 One Shots:
    • Drums, Cymbals, and Percussion
  • 15 MIDI Files:
    • Drums
    • Chords
    • Sequence
    • Melodies

Covering the tempos common to Afro-House and Amapiano genres, Including 105bpm, 110bpm, 120bpm, and 123bpm. 

How to use this Afro-House Sample Pack?

This product is a music production toolkit containing different tools, offering different values and different ways of working. These tools can be used individually or combined to achieve the maximum assistance this pack can provide.

Loops for an easy workflow

For enhanced workflow speed - Drag and drop the loops and arrange them as originally designed, or mix and match to create unique arrangements. 

For complete creativity - Edit, stretch, and Skew the Loops to fit into your existing projects or create new, completely original music.

MIDI for creativity

Editing capabilities - MIDI is extremely powerful due to its versatility and flexibility.  Edit the composition,  change the notes, change the rhythm, pick any tempo, learn sequencing, and assign to any sound you can imagine or design.

Use the MIDI alongside the matching loops, or trigger the one-shot samples for maximum control.

One-shot drum Samples for your own beats

Load the samples into your favorite sampler and trigger with MIDI, Drum Pads, or MIDI keyboard to create an almost infinite number of beats, loops, rhythms, and grooves.

Position the sampler on the arrange page to arrange drum beats and create your own funk.

Mixed and ready to go, capture the vibrancy of the dancefloor in your studio with this essential sound collection. View more world music production tools here

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