Fuel your creative fire with this diverse Toolkit for producers; Twist, Remix, Edit, and learn from from the expertly composed MIDI, or enhance your workflow with spectacular sound quality from these ready-to-use Amapiano loops.

BAZART Amapiano and Log Drum Samples is a comprehensive toolkit containing 147 Loops, 592 One Shot drum and percussion Samples, 49 MIDI files, and 10 FL studio Log drum presets designed to inspire creativity, teach Amapiano production techniques and speed up arrangement workflow, with the peace of mind that every sound has been mixed and produced to the highest quality standards.

Produced by the Sample Pack label Thursday Koolshit, a trusted source for authentic African-infused production tools. Fuel your productions with their signature sound: syncopated pluck melodies, smooth chord progression, groove-driven log drum basslines, and captivating African rhythms & textures.

All sounds and compositions within this toolkit are unique and specifically created for this sample pack for you to use royalty-free.

Amapiano and Log Drum Samples: Content Breakdown

  • Loops (WAV):
    • Melody: 38
    • Drum: 70 (+15 Drum Rolls)
    • Bass and Log Drum: 20
  • MIDI Files: 49
  • Log Drum Presets (FL Studio): 10
  • One-Shot Samples (WAV):
    • Percussion:
      • Bongos: 44
      • Claps: 30
      • Congas: 35
      • Cymbals and Crashes: 35
      • Darbuka: 6
      • Djembe: 20
      • Kicks: 13
      • Rim and Snares: 53
      • Toms: 104
      • Other Percussion: 231
      • Log Drums: 21
    • Total: 592
  • Technical Details:
    • Audio Quality: 44.1 kHz / 24-Bit WAV
    • BPM and Key Labeled: Yes
    • Royalty-Free: 100%
    • Size: 463MB (Unzipped)

Instruments include Guitars, Sax, Strings, Vocals, and Pads as well as drum loops and single hits for Kick, Snare Hihats, and Cymbals, and included percussion instruments such as shakers, Djembe, Darbuka, Congas, and Bongos.

MIDI; Create Without Limits

Unlike static audio files, MIDI data gives you access to individual notes, tempos, and instrument assignments, allowing for deeper customization and experimentation. Modify melodies to fit your style, adjust tempos for perfect rhythmic integration with your tracks, or even experiment with different instruments and sounds within your DAW. This control empowers you to shape each element to your exact vision, fostering a deeper understanding of Amapiano music and creating unique tracks that reflect your creative imagination. Whether you're a seasoned producer or just beginning your musical journey, these MIDI files provide a valuable tool for learning, exploration, and personalizing your productions.

Loops; Effortless Inspiration

The Loops covering tempos 101bpm, 111bpm, 115bpm, 120bpm and 124bpm

streamline your creative workflow with this collection of high-quality drag-and-drop loops. Instantly infuse your tracks with captivating melodies, dynamic drum grooves, and infectious log drum basslines, all meticulously crafted and expertly mixed. Whether you need a foundational loop to spark your inspiration or a ready-made section to fill a specific gap, this toolkit delivers a diverse selection covering various tempos and styles. Simply drag and drop the loops into your DAW, adjust tempo and key to match your project, and instantly inject professional-sounding elements into your music. This intuitive approach frees you to focus on composition, arrangement, and sound design, accelerating your production process and ensuring your tracks exude authentic character. Dive into this loop library and discover the perfect building blocks to ignite your creativity and propel your productions forward.

Royalty-Free Samples and Compositions

All the loops, samples, MIDI files, and presets within this comprehensive pack are 100% royalty-free. This means you can use them in any personal or commercial project, worry-free. Whether you're crafting chart-topping hits, electrifying live performances, or exploring your sonic horizons, the included license empowers you to monetize your music and retain full ownership of your creations. Let your inspiration flourish without copyright concerns and create your unique style.

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