Amajersey - Amapiano & Jersey Club Samples

Amapiano Vs Jersey Club, The next trend. Genre Innovation

This all-in-one Sample Pack design gives you access to all the multitrack samples to reconstruct 4 purpose-made song arrangements using the 138 construction kit loops. Select a percussive orchestra by importing a selection from the 151 one-shot samples into your favorite sampler. From here you can trigger the sounds with your own sequences or MIDI devices.

Produced by the sample pack label Thursday, providing the most modern sounds in Amapiano and Afrobeat production.

Mixing the infectious rhythms of Amapiano with the high energy of Jersey Club. With its innovative sound with this revolutionary fusion of styles, broad appeal, and promotion of cultural exchange, Amajersey has the potential to start a new wave in the global music scene. Become a pioneer of something exciting and new.


  • Curated for producers seeking authentic sounds and limitless creative possibilities.
  • Expertly crafted WAV Loops, including Drums, Percussions, Basses, Melodies, Chords, Keys, Pads, Leads, Vocals, and more.
  • Stems included for complete creative control over your sound.
  • Comprehensive selection of One-Shots for remaking beats, creating fills, and crafting entirely new rhythms.
  • Carefully mixed and EQ'd for maximal usability and impact.
  • 100% Royalty-Free for unrestricted use in your music.

Product Contents

  • 04 Construction Kits
  • 138 Melody & Drums Loops
  • 45 Bonus Loops:
    • 10 Bongo Loops
    • 20 Saxophone Loops
    • 15 Shakers Loops
  • 151 One Shots:
    • 22 808s
    • 13 Bongos
    • 11 Claps
    • 12 Congas
    • 21 Hats
    • 15 Kicks
    • 06 Percussions
    • 13 Shakers (Loops)
    • 20 Rims
    • 18 Snares
    • 13 Vox

With a total of 334 files, Amajersey - Amapiano & Jersey Club (New Wave) is your go-to resource for crafting smashing Amajersey tracks that stand out from the crowd.

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