A slightly more aggressive sound from the masters of Amapiano production

Centered around 4 unique arrangement ideas, from a collection of over 390 high-quality Amapiano Samples and Loops, this royalty-free sample pack will take your music production to new and exciting places. Organized with workflow in mind, this essential toolkit will help you create commercial-ready Amapiano music with speed and ease. 

Alternatively, load up the Log drum multi-samples, or load the one-shot samples into your favorite sampler and create your own rhythms and compositions. Program drum patterns into your DAW, or trigger the samples using a MIDI device such as drum pads, trigger pads, or a MIDI keyboard.

Produced by sample pack label Thursday, well known for its high-quality African-influenced music production tools.

Defining Features

  • 9 basslines performed on an electric bass guitar
  • 14 hand-played percussion grooves
  • Log drum multi-samples for FL studio sampler
  • 19 drum loops to drag and drop into your DAW

Amapiano Loops

The loops have been performed at a range of tempos from 112bpm to 120bpm, using percussive instruments such as Congas, Bonga, Log Drums, Shakers, Rim Shots, Cymbals, Snare, and whole drum kits. The melodic instruments include Rhodes, Piano, Synth Basslines, Electric guitar bassline, Synth Pads, Synth Leads, and Vocals. Drag and drop into your DAW, edit the loops, add FX, remix, and re-arrange.

Original compositions and Royalty-Free

The compositions and recordings were created for this sample pack only, the product includes a license allowing you to use the sounds and arrangements commercially, in your music production royalty-free.

Amapiano Essentials Contents;

04 Construction Kits:

  • 105 Melody & Drums Loops

Bonus: (42 Loops)

  • 09 Bassline Loops
  • 19 Drum Loops
  • 14 Hand Played Percussions
  • 02 Log Drum Presets

245 One Shots:

  • 10 Bongos
  • 10 Claps
  • 16 Congas
  • 10 Cowbells
  • 10 Cymbals
  • 12 Drum Fills
  • 20 FX
  • 40 Hats (Open/Closed)
  • 11 Kicks
  • 13 Percussions
  • 13 Shakers (Loops)
  • 10 Snares
  • 10 Toms
  • 60 Vox

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