Get creative with Soulful Amapiano Wav Samples and MIDI compositions

Experience contemporary Amapiano sounds and rhythms with JOMO - an all-in-one sample pack overflowing with over 210 WAV loops, 57 MIDI files, and 440 one-shots.

Thursday delivers this purpose-made sample pack containing original and unique sounds and melodies in this high-quality royalty-free sample collection.


Drawing inspiration from Amapiano pioneers like Kabza De Small, DJ Maphorisa, Virgo Deep, Lady Du, Focalistic and DJ Major League across South Africa and West Africa, JOMO encapsulates the jazzy musicality of this global phenomenon. Inside you'll discover saxophones, guitars, electric pianos, pads, kalimbas, flutes, and marimbas played in melodic phrases that capture the unique Amapiano vibe. Drums, basslines, chord progressions, and percussive elements round out the loops with authentic rhythm.


The included MIDI files unlock total creative control, allowing you to assign melodies to your own virtual instruments. Tweak tempos, adjust notes, change instruments - the possibilities are endless for customizing the music to your vision. For quick inspiration, simply drag and drop the polished WAV files into your DAW. 


With over 52 shaker loops, 28 log drum loops, 138 congas, 143 kick drums, 10 cymbals, 28 rim shots, 48 shaker samples and 74 percussion samples, you can construct original beats, fills, and percussion loops that complement the WAV content. The one-shots give you the flexibility to craft limitless new Amapiano grooves.


  • 210+ WAV Loops (Drums, Bass, Melodies)
  • 57 MIDI Files 
  • 441 One-Shot Samples
  • 44.1 kHz/24-bit Quality 
  • 107-115 BPM with Key Labeling
  • 652 MB total content
  • 100% Royalty-Free

Advantages of JOMO - Amapiano Wav Samples

  • Authentic Amapiano Sounds - Get access to a wealth of genuine Amapiano melodies, rhythms, and drum sounds to inject stylistic flavor.
  • Capture the Amapiano Vibe - Loops and MIDI allow producers to achieve that smooth jazzy Amapiano sound without extensive music theory.
  • Time Savings - Avoid the complexity of producing Amapiano sounds from scratch with professionally created content. 
  • Customizability - MIDI files allow endless tweaking to get melodies, tempos, and instruments just right.
  • Beat-Making Simplified - Massive range of one-shot drums enable easy creation of layered Amapiano percussion. 
  • Royalty-Free Content - Use the sounds commercially without hassle or fees. 
  • Melodic Inspiration - Over 200 musically rich loops across a wide BPM range spark new ideas.
  • Reinvigorate Creativity - High-quality Amapiano sounds can breathe new life into productions.

JOMO delivers the sounds and inspiration to efficiently craft multiple outstanding and authentic Amapiano tracks.

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