Smooth RnB, with big sound system and rhythmic surprises

Introducing "Jersey Club R&B" by Seven Sounds. This is an exceptional sample pack that combines the captivating Jersey Club style, with the smoothness of R&B. Dive into a world of contemporary sounds and cutting-edge trends, where fresh and infectious vocals intertwine seamlessly with pulsating rhythms to create irresistible fusions.

Infuse your music with a distinctive and innovative flair. Whether you're an aspiring producer or a seasoned artist, this meticulously crafted sample pack is a must-have for anyone seeking to push the boundaries of their sound.

What to expect with this R&B Sample Pack

Featuring 100% royalty-free materials that are ready for your next production. Explore the depths of creativity with Harmony Vocals, both in wet and dry versions, adding layers of emotive expression to your tracks. Discover the power of Vocal Hooks, offering a variety of dry and wet options to effortlessly create great compositions.

Enhance your rhythm section with the expertly crafted Drum Loops and instrument loops to inject infectious energy and undeniable groove into your music. For those seeking to add unique touches, experiment with the One Shots and your favorite Sampler to create your own signature rhythm, melodic composition, arrangement, sound and FX.

If you are into exploring new styles, then Jersey Club R&B is your source for sonic innovation.


  • 02 Harmony Vocals Wet/Dry
  • 04 Vocal Hooks Dry
  • 04 Vocal Hooks Wet
  • 18 Drum Loops
  • 24 Instrumental Loops
  • 24 One Shots