A Trending and great sounding Cultural Fusion; Moroccan Amapiano Sample Pack Unveils the Rhythmic Tapestry of Two Musical Worlds.

Experience the unique blend of African rhythms and the rich musical heritage of Morocco with this Moroccan Amapiano Sample Pack. Crafted by acclaimed producer, Audio Engineer, and Sound Designer Thursdaybeats, bringing together the rhythmic energy of Africa with the soulful melodies played by instruments carrying the tone of Morocco.

Punchy Drum Loops

Try using the Log drum samples as a replacement for 808 sounds, this can create a tonal bassline staple to the Amapiano genre. Use the pre-made loops like Shakers, Log Drums, Congas, Claps, Kicks and Snares, mixing both full drum loops and individual stems for complete customizability to suit your production style. 

Instrument Loops

From growling synth bass to enchanting Moroccan flute, Kamanja guitar, soulful piano, and Oud, the pack includes a diverse range of instrumental loops. Vocal phrases add a human touch to productions, inviting the listener into a cultural story. This product provides a broad sonic palette for intricate production possibilities. Chant-like vocal textures add intrigue while the instrumental loops create plenty of room for creative layering.

Compatible with all DAWs

Fully compatible with all major DAWs, the 62 royalty-free 24-bit WAV files offer seamless integration into your next production. Take your pick from 07 vocal samples, 27 melody loops, and 28 drum loops, and start building your own Moroccan-inspired Amapiano fusion today.

Covering Tempos; 103bpm , 115bpm and 118bpm

Product Contents

  • 62 Total Files
  • 07 Vocal Samples
  • 27 Melody Loops
  • 28 Drum Loops
  • Royalty-Free license

Folder structure - Labelled by Key and Tempo

Have Musical Adventures

Craft nuanced rhythmic interplay between pulsing Amapiano and Morocco's ancient idioms. Draw out the surprise of a bansuri flute run rising over booming bass stabs, or a Synthesizer harmonizing with the trance-like tones of an Oud. Add new dimensions through kick-snare patterns peppered with interjecting darbuka hits. Or go bold by structuring complete Gnawa-inspired journeys, driven by the Log drum from first beat to last.

The Moroccan Amapiano Sample Pack invites you to lose yourself in sound and celebrate our shared humanity through music's incredible power to transcend all borders. Immerse now in these curated sounds and see where inspiration takes you - the only limit is your imagination!

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