Studio Recorded African percussion sample pack

All drums are played and recorded by session musician and percussion educator Facundo Alvarez, from Tocar Percusión

African Percussion

Africa is a pulsing, dynamic continent with its own unique style, flavor and charisma and is well known for masterful and hypnotizing polyrhythmic drumming. Music is a huge part of African tradition, with drums being the most inherent instrument in their culture. There is nowhere else in the world more experienced to take your rhythmic inspiration from.

Drum Sample Pack and Construction Kit

This drum and percussion sample pack offers an exciting collection of single instrument African rhythmical grooves, multi instruments with included stems, ensembles and individual drum recordings. The rhythmical compositions and performances can be mixed and matched for flexible creativity using the multi-textured sounds, cross-rhythms and poly-rhythmic hand drumming.

The ensembles included in this pack allow you to recreate or remix the rhythms as they were designed to be heard with each ensemble mimicking rhythms used in African teaching, religious ceremonies and milestone celebrations as well as expressions of spiritual experiences.

All the ensembles included in this pack includes multiple stems of individual drums and can be used to make up the whole ensemble, or mix and match the stems to create something completely new and unique.

African Construction Kit

The ensembles or construction kits contain each stem to make the following rhythms and much more,

AFRICAN CARNIVAL - 4/4 Percussion Ensemble Inspired by the Joyful and colorful Sikyi rhythm from Ashanti People of Central Ghana. The construction kit included in the pack is a mixture between the traditional spirit of this African rhythm and dance, and some afrobeat vibes.

AFRICAN DIASPORA - 4/4 Percussion Ensemble, Inspired by Bolonba rhythm from Malinke People. It´s a colorful and energetic construction kit which includes a powerful drum line combined with some dynamic hand percussion.

AFRICAN WARRIORS - 4/4 Percussion Ensemble, Inspired by Djelidon rhythm from the People of Malí.The construction kit included it´s an invitation to dance and enjoy the calls of the drums.

AFRICAN JOYRIDE - 4/4 Percussion Ensemble, Inspired by Sinte rhythm from the Nalu People of Boke-region in Guinea. The construction kit included capture the happy spirit of celebration of African tribes.

AFRICAN DANCE - 4/4 Percussion Ensemble, Inspired by Kebendo rhythm from the People of Nueva Guinea, as its name says is a loud and powerful invitation to dance.

AFRICAN SPIRIT - 12/8 Percussion Ensemble, Inspired by Mamaya rhythm from the People of Mali. The construction kit included captures the joy and happiness of african celebrations.

AFRICAN TRIBE - 12/8 Percussion Ensemble, Inspired by Sabar rhythm from the People of Senegal. The construction kit included captures the spirit of dance and celebration of this african region.

AFRICAN DREAMS - 9/8 Percussion Ensemble, Inspired by the Koderuga rhythm from the People of Mali. The construction kit captures the polyrhythmic essence of african drums and percussion.

100 Single drum Loops

As well as the ensembles and construction kits, this Sample pack includes over 100 African drum loops which can be used solo or mixed and matched to create your own unique combination of rhythms and arrangements. The rhythms and compositions are played on a huge range of drums including, Bongo, Djambe, Clave, Bass Drum and African Cowbell which give you vast amount of possible combinations of rhythms, ideas, textures,inspiration, as well as months of fun.

Recorded with the following drums

Afoxe, African Cowbell, Agogo, Bongo, Campana, Cowbell, Djembe, Hi Clave, Conga, Bass Drum, Low Clave, Low Conga, Maracas, Shaker, Shekeres, Talking Drum and Timba.

Included in the pack

  • 8 Construction Kits and ensembles.
  • 75 Ensembles Stems
  • 100 Single Drum Loops
  • Total of 187 Loops
  • Over 700Mb in size
  • Tempos range from 100 BPM to 130 BPM
  • 24 bit WAV files

This product can be used in any DAW including, Ableton, Cubase, Nuendo, Fruity Loops and 

The loops included in the pack are suitable for all kinds of musical productions that make use of African style percussion.

These drums patterns and rhythmical compositions are highly regarded in World Music, Pop, House and Techno. These rhythms are the crucial sounds in Tribal Techno, Amapiano and Afro House.