Give your production a fresh and original vibe with these Dancehall and Afrobeat compositions

"Bouncy" is a Dancehall Sample Pack produced by AOTBB, containing a vast collection of Sample Loops, MIDI compositions, and one-shot samples, all designed to work together seamlessly. By merging these samples and MIDI files, you'll have unlimited creative freedom to create a unique and distinct sound. With "Bouncy," your music production possibilities are endless!

Dancehall MIDI Files for vast Editing capabilities

The 86 MIDI files included will give you extensive editing capabilities to alter the Melody, Key, Tempo, Chord Progression, Bassline, and of course the overall composition and the sound of the instrument. Additionally, the MIDI drum patterns can be used with a sampler and the included one-shot samples to create endless unique percussion and drum tracks, fills, and loops. Our MIDI files are compatible with all major DAWs and software samplers, so you can integrate them seamlessly into your workflow.

Dancehall Loops and Samples for Artistic Expression

With 117 Loops covering the tempos 95bpm, 100bpm, 105bpm, and 120bpm. These loops contain multi-track drum samples, Smooth Guitar sounds, Ethnic Flutes & woodwind, Bouncy Vocal Chops, chord progressions, melodic pads, a huge variety of basslines, and more drum sounds than you can shake a drumstick at.

The 111 Single Hit Samples will work great with any sampler of your choice, from here you can create new rhythms, grooves, compositions, and arrangements.

this pack is entirely royalty-free, allowing you to use these samples in your music without any legal implications.

Product Details:

• 111 WAV One-Shots (Drums and Instruments)
• 117 WAV Loops (Drums, Melodies, and chord progression)
• 86 MIDI Files
• 24-Bit WAV Samples
• Organized by Key & Tempo
• 100% Royalty-Free

With 117 high-quality WAV loops, 86 MIDI files, 111 one-shots, all labeled with key and tempo, "Bouncy" is a comprehensive tool for any producer looking to incorporate the sound of Dancehall and Afrobeat into their music. And with 100% royalty-free use, you can use this product to create and commercially release your music without any limitations or restrictions. Get your hands on "Bouncy" now and take your music production to new heights!