A Phonk product with lots of headroom for distortion and manipulation

Experience MVTIVS's overdriven take on Phonk with a comprehensive sample and MIDI pack designed to empower producers like you! Discover what makes Phonked an essential tool for both aspiring and experienced music creators.

With 5 Construction Kits, meticulously designed to transport you to new sonic realms. A combination of haunting piano chord progressions and dark melodies; each kit offers a unique and captivating ambiance using trending Phonk patterns, sequences, beats, and arrangements.

Huge Sample Sonic Variety:

A vast collection of 86 captivating loops that cover a broad sonic spectrum. From hard-hitting drums with attention to detail, to ethereal pads and melodies that evoke intense emotions. Although Phonk is renowned for its heavily compressed feel, the samples are modestly overdriven and saturated to give you the headroom to go as clean or dirty as you need.

MIDI Customization and Flexibility:

Complete control of your compositions with 13 mesmerizing Melody MIDI files and 33 dynamic Drums MIDI progressions. The included MIDI files allow you to effortlessly modify the key and tempo, voicing and sound, enabling seamless integration into your own productions and offering boundless creative potential.

You will gain access to professional-grade and flexible content meticulously crafted to deliver exceptional sonic quality. Each element has been expertly mixed, ensuring that your tracks possess that polished and captivating feel.

Embrace the true spirit of Phonk and push the boundaries of the genre. Phonked equips you with the tools to create epic and menacing Phonk beats that captivate your audience and leave a lasting impact.

Royalty-Free Creative Freedom:

Enjoy 100% Royalty-Free content, allowing you to unleash your creations without limitations. Use the samples, loops, and MIDI files in your commercial releases, free from any additional fees or restrictions.

Elevate Your Phonk Productions with "Phonked" by MVTIVS

Discover a new realm of creative possibilities and redefine the trending Phonk style with "Phonked" by MVTIVS. Download your copy today and embark on a journey where your unique sound comes to life, captivating listeners and setting your music apart from the crowd."

Phonk Construction Kit Details;

  • 5 Construction Kits
  • 86 WAV Loops
  • 13 Melody MIDI Files
  • 33 Drums MIDI Files
  • 100% Royalty-Free license