Be part of this mega trending style.

An exceptional collection of Phonk samples, Loops, and MIDI compositions for creating Hip-Hop, Phonk, and Drift Phonk.

Produced by one of the best sample producers worldwide, Banger Samples deliver consistently high-quality sample packs that are sure to elevate your music productions!

Featuring one-shot Samples and Loops of Cowbells, Distorted 808s, Strings, Synth Leads, multi-track drum loops, melody loops, FX, and more. The pack is inspired by popular artists and producers such as Freddie Dredd, HAARPER, Slim Guerilla, Kordhell, LXST CXNTURY, DVRST, DJ Smokey, KSLV Noh and others.

Combine the MIDI with the samples for a seriously powerful Phonk music production tool.

The MIDI files included in this pack allow you to customize the MIDI compositions by easily adjusting the tempo, rhythm, composition, or musical key. You can use a DAW (digital audio workstation) such as Ableton, Cubase, FL Studio, or Logic, along with VST instruments, to apply the MIDI compositions to any sound you can imagine, or design. This gives you the flexibility to re-pitch, re-arrange, or remix the compositions to suit your creative needs.

By combining the MIDI files with the audio samples, you have a powerful production tool for making Phonk music, giving you the freedom to create many dynamic and unique tracks. Simply drag and drop the REX or WAV files into your DAW to get started. All sound files are professionally mixed, mastered, and ready to use.

Included in this Phonk Sample Pack;

  • 5 Construction Kits (includes Samples and MIDI compositions (28 MIDI instrument files)
  • 25 One Shot Drums
  • 10 808 Bass Shots
  • Total number of files 177 (Rex, Wav, MIDI)

All Files are labeled with BPM, tempo, and key information.

This product includes a license that allows you to use the samples, loops, and MIDI compositions in your commercial releases without any additional fees.

What is Phonk?

The Internet-driven genre

Phonk originated as a subgenre of Hip Hop and Trap, with its name inspired by the genre Funk. It has been described as a slowed-down, anesthetized, or dug-out version of Funk, played with a half-time rhythm, in keeping with the tempo of Hip Hop. Influenced by Memphis Rap and 90s Hip Hop, the genre has a dark and gritty vibe and makes use of distorted Rap, Hip Hop, Funk, and Jazz samples.

The genre emerged in 2000s in the southern parts of the US, pioneered by artists such as DJ screw and Three 6 Mafia through online streaming platforms, and became one the most played genres on Soundcloud in 2017.

Phonk has started trending again due to Drift Phonk, a subgenre of Phonk which has been championed through Tic Tok and videos of cars drifting. Drift Phonk typically features a four-to-the-floor Kick drum pattern and Cowbells, and is in keeping with EDM, but it makes large use of Distortion, Bit Crushing, and Lo-fi production techniques similar to techniques used in original Phonk music. Drift Phonk is produced by artists such as DJ Smokey and Mythic who will use distortion to such an extent it can make the lyrics of vocal samples indistinguishable.