Afrobeat Loops, construction kits, and MIDI compositions

Introducing 'Afriloco: Afrobeats Vol. 3' - The Ultimate Sample Pack for Trending Dancehall & Afrobeat Samples!

Are you a music producer, beatmaker, or composer looking to step up your game and produce fresh and innovative Dancehall & Afrobeat samples with a Moroccan twist? If so, we have great news for you! 'Afriloco: Afrobeats Vol. 3 contains everything you need, and more, to make hit after hit.

Crafted by Professionals for Professionals

With 181 loops, 137 MIDI files, and 115 drum one-shots, 'Afriloco: Afrobeats Vol. 3' is a meticulously crafted pack that offers a professional sound quality. All sounds are expertly designed by professional producer Ashka to give you funky grooves and dreamy sounds that are popular in African music today.

Afrobeat MIDI for Limitless Control

One of the key benefits of this sample pack is the extensive editing capabilities it provides. The 137 Afrobeat MIDI files included in the pack give you complete control over your music, allowing you to amend melody, key, tempo, chord progression, bassline, and the overall composition of the instrument. The MIDI drum patterns can also be used with a sampler and one-shot samples to create endless unique percussion and drum tracks, fills, and loops.

All the Sounds You Need in One Place

'Afriloco: Afrobeats Vol. 3' includes all sounds separated as drums, percussions, and instruments, in addition to all MIDI patterns, composed at a professional level to instantly step up your production. All loops and samples are BPM and key-labeled, 44.1 kHz / 24-Bit WAV quality, and 100% royalty-free, making it an excellent choice for producers, beatmakers, and composers of all levels.

Product Details!

190 - Loops (Including Drums and Melodic compositions)

130 - MIDI Files (Including Melodies, Bass & Drum Patterns) 

110 - Drum One-Shots

Ranging from 100bpm to 130bpm

Get Your Copy Today!

'Afriloco: Afrobeats Vol. 3' is the ultimate sample pack for those who want to produce fresh and innovative Afrobeats & Dancehall sounds with a Moroccan twist. With its extensive collection of loops, MIDI files, and drum one-shots, this pack offers limitless creative possibilities and is an excellent choice for those looking to rise above the competition. Get your copy today and take your music production to the next level!