This West African influenced Sample Pack is an Afro-Fusion of Afro Beat, Afro Jazz, and acoustic Afro House, combined with influences from American Funk, Jazz and Soul.

These unique rhythms and melodies capture the memorising African grooves, James Brown's style Funk and psychedelic Soul found in great Afro Beat tracks. Performed by professional musicians, and recorded in the exceptional acoustic environment at Flowriders studio. Known for its high quality vintage equipment, Flowriders studio creates the essential vibe needed for an authentic afro beat production.

In this pack you will find performed music samples and loops, including funk guitar riffs and chord progressions, Mini Moog Synthesizer Leads, Acoustic Piano, Spring reverb Bass, Kalimba and Brass instrument samples. The rhythm section includes acoustic drum loops, percussion played on the Jambe and Conga and single Hit samples perfect for your sampler.

Afrobeat Loops

The Afro Beat Loops in this pack are recorded at tempos 102bpm and 140bpm and all samples are processed with a Studer A800 MK3 Tape machine and a SSL 4000E console using pre amps such as Telefunken V676 and Universal audio 8110. 

This product will work with any Wav format compatible DAW, including Cubase, Nuendo, Fruity Loops, Logic and Ableton. All Samples come in 24 bit Wav format and includes a license to use this pack in your own music production royalty free.

Equipment used in this Afro Beat Loops and Sample Pack

Instruments : Acoustic Piano, Prophet rev 5, Minimoog, Kalimba and Spring bass

Drum Mics : Neumann U47, Neumann Fet 47, Sm 57, Coles 4038 and AEA R92

Pre amps : Telefunken V676, Universal audio 8110 and Philips LDC 15

DI :  Reddi and Radial