Create the best African Deep House Grooves with the finest Rhythmical Arrangements and transport your listeners to the heart of the African Dance Scene.

Amapiano Construction Kit

Introducing 'KUNJANI: Amapiano & Chill' by Ashka, a remarkable Amapiano construction kit brought to you by the label AOTBB. This meticulously crafted sample and MIDI pack offers an extensive collection of over 330 files, comprising 152 captivating WAV loops, 98 versatile MIDI files, and 82 clean and impactful one-shots. Consistent with all products from AOTBB, the production on this pack is superb and will serve as a great tool for any producer looking for Amapiano rhythms and an African vibe. 

Explore an array of hypnotic Amapiano drum and percussion loops, enchanting melody loops, and groove-infused bass loops to form the foundations of the amapiano genre.

Amapiano MIDI Included

The inclusion of MIDI files grants you complete control over your project. Seamlessly apply the melodies to any instrument or sound of your choice, allowing for limitless creative possibilities. Alternatively, effortlessly begin your musical journey by simply dragging and dropping the high-quality WAV files into your preferred digital audio workstation (DAW) to create your own arrangments.

Leveraging the bundled MIDI files, you have unparalleled freedom to tailor every element of the pack to suit your unique artistic vision. Deconstruct the included compositions to their core components, then shape and refine them to perfection. Adjust the timing, pitch, and velocity of each musical note and performance characteristic, enabling you to craft extraordinary variations that perfectly align with your specific needs.

Drawing inspiration from esteemed artists such as Kabza De Small, Mr JazziQ, Sha Sha, Da Capo, Virgo Deep, and many others, 'KUNJANI: Amapiano & Chill' guarantees an authentic and captivating sound experience.

Single Hit Samples

In addition to loops and MIDI files, this pack also features a diverse selection of one-shots, empowering you to create dynamic beats, exhilarating fills, and captivating loops to complement the existing material. Load these one-shots into your favorite sampler and play or program a limitless array of drum loop possibilities.

Amapiano Loops

The Loops cover an array of tempos, including 111bpm, 113bpm, 114bpm, 115bpm, and 117bpm, And of course, all loops and samples included in this pack are 100% royalty-free. This means you can freely use them in your commercial tracks without any limitations or additional costs.

Sample Pack Contents:

  • 152 WAV Loops, Drums, Percussion, Bass, Chords, and Melodies
  • 98 MIDI Files, enabling full control and customization of composition and instrumentation.
  • 82 One-Shots, providing the building blocks to craft unique drum patterns and musical phrases.

The files formats are

  • 44.1kHz / 24-Bit WAV Quality, guaranteeing professional-grade audio.
  • BPM and Key Labeled files, simplifying the integration of these files into your projects.
  • 100% Royalty-Free, encouraging its use for commercial success.

Unlock your true potential in Amapiano production with 'KUNJANI: Amapiano & Chill' by Ashka from AOTBB. Experience the essence of the genre and create your next chart-topping masterpiece.