Amapiano MIDI Chords and Log Drum Loops - The Small Kabza

Soulful Foundations & Royalty-Free Grooves for Amapiano

Fuel your Amapiano productions with soulful chord progressions and royalty-free rhythmic basslines. "The Small Kabza" Sample and MIDI Pack delivers beautifully crafted Amapiano MIDI Chords and rhythmic Log Drum Loops, adding a lounge, soulful jazz vibe to your tracks.

Featuring 36 Chord Samples, 36 MIDI chord progressions, 20 Log drum Loops, and 20 Log Drum MIDI files, find the perfect foundation for your next Amapiano sensation.

Produced by Ashka from the world-renowned Sample Pack Label AOTBB who are well known for their consistent high-quality production tools aimed towards world music genres. All compositions and recordings in this pack are unique, and purposely made for this product.

You are not only purchasing MIDI compositions, sounds, and samples, but also a license to use this toolkit in your commercial productions royalty-free with no additional costs or admin involved.

MIDI Chord Progression and Wav Samples

The Chord Progressions are presented in both MIDI and Sample formats for drag and drop and hands-on editing capabilities. The MIDI files allow you to learn from the composition and rhythmic structures as well as edit the individual notes, and tempo, and assign any sound imaginable by routing the MIDI to your favorite VST synthesizer. Drop the Wav Samples into your DAW to arrange the foundations of your new hit music production.

Amapiano Bassline Patterns

In Amapiano, log drums are frequently used to create basslines due to their warm, low-frequency, and rhythmical nature. Use the MIDI patterns for a hands-on approach to composition and sound design, or drop in the Log drum loops into your own arrangements.

The loops cover the tempos from 110bpm to 118bpm and everything in between.

Compatible with all major DAWs (Cubase, Ableton Live, Pro Tools, FL Studio).

Product Features

  • 36 Chords WAV Loops
  • 36 Chord MIDI Files
  • 20 Log Drum MIDI Files
  • 20 Log Drum Wav Loops
  • 44.1 kHz / 24-bit WAV Quality
  • BPM and Key Labeled
  • 100% Royalty-Free

Advantages of 'The Small Kabza' Production Toolkit

  • Instant Inspiration: Get started quickly with pre-made chords and drum loops that capture the essence of T.
  • Effortless Drag-and-Drop Workflow: Seamlessly integrate these sounds into your DAW for fast and intuitive music production.
  • Ultimate Creative Flexibility: Craft unique grooves by editing the MIDI files and designing your own sounds to match your vision.
  • Royalty-Free for Hassle-Free Production: Focus on your music without worrying about licensing fees.
  • High-Quality Audio Foundation: Pristine 44.1kHz / 24-Bit WAV samples ensure professional-sounding productions.
  • Invaluable Learning Tool: Deconstruct the MIDI compositions to understand chord progressions and rhythmic structures.
  • Expand your Sonic Arsenal: Add high-quality Amapiano elements to your existing sample library.
  • Produced by AOTBB Expertise: Benefit from the production knowledge of a renowned Amapiano producer and sample pack label

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