Afro Brazilian Percussion Sample Pack
Live Played Percussion Polyrhythm Ensembles including individual Stems and combination loops.

This Powerful and Colourful sample pack is built around 5 original Afro brazilian Ensembles and includes isolated recordings of each percussive instrument. Professionally engineered and recorded from a live percussion session, you will hear a range of percussion and drums instruments, such as: Surdo, Pandeiro, Timbal, Shaker, Caxixis, Cuica, Tamborim, Agogo, among many others.

The loops included in the pack are suitable for all kinds of musical productions. Highly regarded rhythms in house and techno, these rhythms are the staple sound in Tribal techno and Afro house.

All the sample are 100% Royalty Free

This Sample Pack includes
  • Live Played Percussion Polyrhythm Samples
  • 5 Full Afro Brazilian Percussion Ensemble
  • Afro Brazilian Percussion Rhythms included: Samba, Samba Reggae and Afoxé
  • 90 - 130 BPM
  • Drag & Drop
  • Labeled by Ensemble and BPM

Each Full Ensemble has 2 Versions:
  • Wet Version: includes Compression, Reverb and Equalisation
  • Dry Version: with no compression or reverb has been added to the product to give you more freedom to mix the recording to work best with your track
  • Each Ensemble includes STEMS of each instrument included in the Percussion Ensembles
  • Full Ensembles and STEMS in 16 bars, 8 bars and 4 Bars Version.
  • All samples are normalised to -3db
  • 24bit 44.1khz WAV files are compatible with all major DAW's and Samplers.
  • Recorded using industry standard equipment and studio
  • Over 950 Mb of percussion samples

Instruments used
  • RMV Surdo
  • Contemporánea Pandeiro
  • Gope Cuica
  • LP Shaker
  • Toca Percussion Agogo
  • RMV Timbal
  • RMV Tamborim
  • LP Tambourine


Created and Recorded By Facundo Álvarez (Tocar Percusión)

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