WANHEDA - Royalty Free African Samples

A great toolkit to introduce the sounds and styles of African Pop music to your music. Expect Authentic African Vibes, Diverse Tempo Selections, Unique Instrumentation, and a license allowing the use of the sounds and compositions in any commercial production royalty-free.

Experience WANHEDA, A Music production toolkit containing 5 Morphine Presets, 117 African Loops, 58 MIDI compositions, and 37 one-shot samples, designed to bring inspiration, speed up workflow, and easily produce high-quality music.

6 Original compositions blending South African and North African musical scales. This unique perspective reshapes the Afrobeats genre, making it universally appealing for Afro-Pop and beyond. These Royalty Free African Samples will not only give you access to patterns, rhythms, and arrangements.

Sampled African Instruments

An earthy connection and a touch of elegance; featuring finger-plucked Spanish guitar skills and steel-stringed lead acoustic guitar.

Soulful flute melodies and harmonizing Vocal loops with expertly performed Drum Loops and MIDI patterns. This allows for the perfect reproduction, or the flexibility to completely change the Key, Instrumentation, Bassline, Melody, Vibe, and Tempo of any of the 6 song construction templates.

Create compositions with a truly global sound.

African Tempos:

Craft your beats with precision using the meticulously curated tempos of 75bpm, 95bpm, 100bpm, 103bpm, and 107bpm. Whether you're aiming for laid-back grooves or energetic anthems, WANHEDA has you covered.


  • 52 Chords & Melodies
  • 65 Drums & Percussion
  • 37 Drum Samples (One-Shots)
    • 04 Kick
    • 14 Perc
    • 12 Rim & Snare
    • 07 Shakers

Morphine Presets:

  • Log Drum
  • Bass
  • Piano
  • Flute
  • Lead

Infinite Customization:

With MIDI files included, you have complete control over your project. Apply melodies to any sound, or drag and drop WAV files into your preferred DAW to kickstart your next track. The possibilities are endless, allowing you to shape your music with precision.

The one-shot drum kit and additional morphine presets provide the building blocks for creating new beats, fills, and loops. Edit and chop the loops to make them unique, ensuring your music stands out with a distinct flair.

What are Morphine Presets?

Morphine is an Additive Synthesizer made by Image-Line, the software company behind FL Studio. Morphine Presets is a collection of sound design projects, with each preset containing the synthesizer settings to create the sound of different instruments.

The instruments included in this pack include a synthesized Log Drum, Bass instrument, Piano, Flute, and Lead instruments.

Compatible with all DAW's

Just like other Construction kit Sample packs, WAV and MIDI Files are the foundations of the composition and a result of the sound design, however for FL studio users the addition of the Morphine Presets gives you extra flexibility and value from this product.

Being a Sample product, WANHEDA seamlessly integrates with popular DAWs and samplers, including Logic, Ableton Live, Pro Tools, Kontakt, MPC, Kit Maker, and more. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting; these samples and MIDI files complement your creative process effortlessly.


Add African Vibes, rhythms, and compositions to your Western productions. Add to Cart for instant download today!