Velocity detailed Jungle Midi Drum breaks with human swing and groove.

Over 60 MIDI Drum Patterns featuring Human Performed Authentic Grooves: Perfectly crafted for Jungle, DNB, Hip Hop, and Breakbeat genres.

Capturing the nuances that make drummers groove!

This product is all about capturing the subtle details that make sequenced drums sound real - the snare hits, the ghost notes, the natural swing. Although crafted with Drum and Bass and Jungle in mind, these can be also slowed down to create infectious grooves for House, Hip Hop, or even Jazz.  They can even add a unique rhythmic twist to Soul and Pop tracks.

Inspired by legendary breaks such as Apache, Funky Drummer, the Big Beat, and of course, the Amen. Each MIDI drum pattern has a humanized performance which includes varying note lengths, Velocity, and Human timing. This is ideal for producers who want complete control. The MIDI allows easy rhythm edits, arrangements, better mix control, more options with FX, and greater sound design opportunities than the drum loop techniques standard in current drum and bass and Jungle productions.

Of course, with MIDI the rhythms will work with any tempo; Try using 160bpm + for Jungle and Drum and Bass, 130bpm for House, or 80bpm or lower for Hip Hop.

Product Contents

  • 49 MIDI Drum Breaks
  • 33 Wav Loops for Jungle and Breakbeat
  • DNB midi construction kits
    • 15 DNB MIDI Drum patterns
    • 90 DNB Multitrack Drum Loops (Including Snare, Kick, Percussion and High-Hats)
  • A Total of 60 MIDI Drum Patterns
  • A Total of 123 Wav Loops

This breaks kit was created as a MIDI Drum Pack, the loops that come with it are the result of testing the MIDI files and sampler. Although very usable, they have had little processing, this was not created as a drum sample pack. 


Compatible with any digital audio workstation (DAW) and sampler on the market, including Ableton Live (Sampler), Cubase (Groove Agent), Nuendo, Studio One, FL Studio, as well as third-party samplers such as HALion, Kontakt, Stylus RMX, Maschine and Simpler. I would highly recommend using and sampler and library that use multi-velocity samples, so you can hear the articulation and syncopated detail.

Demo Information;

  • Track 1, Jungle MIDI Drum Breaks Demo - This demo has been made using the Loops. Each Wav Loop was made using the MIDI
  • Track 2, 4 Bar loops from 10 MIDI files Quick Demo - This is a showcase of the first 4 loops taken from 10 MIDI files. The demo was created using free Kontakt drum presets
  • Track 3, Apache Test Demo - This short Track was made to showcase the Apache drum Loop in a rough mix.

Tips and Tricks for Using MIDI Drum Breaks

  • It's important to use a sampler and sample library that utilizes multi-velocity samples. Without multi-velocity, you will miss the Snare, Hi Hat, and Kick articulation. Getting this right can really make the grooves shine. 
  • For Jungle try choosing short samples and use the amp envelope (ADSR) on your sampler to shorten the sustain and release. Heavy Jungle and DnB drums can even sound gated at times.
  • Kontakt Player 7 comes with a free drum sampler; The Urban and Funk preset works well with the pack.
  • Test muting some Kick or Snare hits and Cut up the patterns to build drum progressions and arrangements.
  • Try mixing and matching the different percussive instruments from the MIDI drum loops.

Benefits of using Jungle MIDI Drums

Authentic Human Grooves: Delivers over 60 MIDI drum patterns with human-performed authentic grooves, offering the rhythmic backbone, perfect for Jungle, DNB, Hip Hop, and Breakbeat genres.

Versatile Usage: Crafted primarily for Drum and Bass and Jungle, these patterns can be slowed down to fit various genres including House, Hip Hop, Jazz, Soul, and Pop, expanding their versatility in music production.

Detailed Performance: Inspired by legendary breaks such as Apache and Funky Drummer, each drum pattern features humanized performance with varying note lengths, velocity, and human timing, providing producers with complete control over their compositions.

Customization and Control: Completed control over rhythm edits, arrangements, the mix, and sound design, surpassing the limitations of standard drum loop techniques and offering greater creative freedom.

Tempo Flexibility: Compatible with any tempo, the MIDI drum patterns cater to different music styles and production preferences, whether it's the fast-paced rhythms of Jungle and Drum and Bass or the slower tempos of House and Hip Hop.

Comprehensive Content: The pack includes 49 MIDI Drum Breaks, 33 WAV Loops, 15 DNB MIDI Drum patterns, and 90 DNB multitrack construction kits, providing producers with a wide range of resources to enhance their productions.

Example Loops

These are some screen prints of the 4 MIDI loops found in the pack to demonstrate the detail in these rhythmic compositions.

1 Disjointed break

Highly syncopated with cymbals and pedal hats creating rhythmical accents, perfect for dynamic start-and-stop styles. The audio demo can be found above and was created using HALion 7 which comes free with Cubase.

3 School Me 

A developing quick-fire roll of snares adds a slightly manic beat while maintaining the groove.

4 Amen Shake

A syncopated take on the Amen break with attention to velocity detail and a tightened swing, ideal for a Jungle feel. The Demo for this loop can be found above and was created using the free sample instrument which comes with Kontakt Player 7.

Please note, I only used 2 free samplers to create this demo. HALion which comes with Cubase, and Kontakt Player 7 Komplete Start, which is free from Native Instruments website.

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