Bring Lush, Melodic, and Uplifting Atmospheres into your Music and Multimedia Productions with this breathtaking Ambient Pads MIDI Pack.

Produced by an award-winning pianist and composer who specializes in Ambient and Minimal productions.... 

Every note counts in these euphoric and emotionally driven Minimal and Ambient compositions. You will find velocity detailed chords, melodic lines, rhythmical parts, and bass notes all performed by award-winning pianist and composer Juan Sanchez

This MIDI pack is built around 30 fully arranged MIDI compositions, each containing multiple song sections such as intros, multiple main themes A, B, and C, bridges, and outros. Making this an extremely versatile tool while allowing you to use original work from an industry professional in your studio.

Ethereal MIDI Chords and Expressive Melodies

An extremely useful toolkit with expertly arranged chord structures and clever melodic content, perfect for creating an emotional backdrop in any style. Great for some styles of Techno, Ambient, Downtempo, and Hip Hop, or perfect for Film and multimedia soundtracks. Use this MIDI pack to create Ethereal Pads, Melodic Plucks, and harmonizing drones leaving your listeners mesmerized by the music journey. Inspired by Ambient artists such as Brian Eno, Max Richter, Steve Roach, Vangelis, and Harold Budd.

MIDI versatility

The versatility of MIDI allows you to learn from professional composers by breaking down the arrangement, structure, and music theory. Each of the 30 MIDI compositions includes a chord chart detailing the chord progression for each song section, making it easy to follow, play along, and understand the musical theory behind each arrangement. 

Being MIDI, you can, of course, edit any of the individual notes, the rhythm, key, and tempo with ease, and assign the MIDI data to any synth or sampler in your studio. This allows exciting sound design opportunities to craft your own vibe to fit your music production style.

Compatible with any major DAW such as Ableton, Cubase, Logic, FL Studio, Studio One, and more. If you are unsure, then please check your manual for MIDI compatibility.

Royalty-Free original and unique

Each composition is licensed for unrestricted use in any commercial music release or multimedia production, such as a label release, film soundtracks, Trailers, Documentaries, and advertising. The music is original and unique created solely for this MIDI product.

Product Details:

  • 30 Fully-Arranged MIDI Compositions
  • Each Track Includes Intros, A/B/C Sections, Bridges, and Outros
  • Labeled by Key
  • Chord Progression Charts (Text File) for Each Section of Every Song
  • 100% Royalty-Free

This collection exclusively features Ambient MIDI tracks, no audio is included in this product.

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