Cloudy Samples - Cinematic Timelapse

An amazing collection of cinematic Samples and MIDI Compositions

Cloudy Samples is proud to present the "Cinematic Timelapse" - a collection of cinematic ambient sounds, music backgrounds, textures, and soundscapes.

This MIDI and Sample pack includes a wealth of high quality sounds and compositions, from, soothing piano loops, lush ambient pads, and emotional strings to cinematic samples, nature textures, impacts, and dark, disturbing sounds; - you will find everything you need to fill your next production with lush vibes or a dramatic mood.

The product also includes a set of the most beautiful and delicate MIDI chord progressions to use with any sound you imagine. Many possibilities are waiting for you in this pack.

170 richly detailed sounds in one selection - each sound included in this library softly tremors with gradual movement and development. Works with every DAW on the market, so no need to worry about compatibility. Everything is categorized by key and tempo in organized folders for easy access and drag and drop.

All 100% Royalty-Free.

Included in this MIDI and Sample Pack

  • 60 Full Music Backgrounds
  • 35 Sound Effects & FX
  • 25 Cinematic Sounds
  • 25 Nature Textures & Foley
  • 25 MIDI Piano Progressions
  • 170 Files in Total
  • 691 MB Unzipped
  • 100% Royalty-Free

What is Cinematic Music?

A soundtrack needs to enhance the mood of the scene, be memorable and set the audience's expectations.

Cinematic music has a powerful ability to set the tone and atmosphere of a movie. It can set the audience's expectations at the start of a scene, raise the tension throughout the scene, enhance the feeling of surprise, evoke emotion or introduce a character in the film.

The right music or sound design can help to make certain films, scenes, or characters, more memorable and iconic. Some great examples of this are found in the films Jaws, Star Wars, James Bond or Indiana Jones where the music is just as recognizable as the screenplay itself. 

Most cinematic scores are composed specifically for a particular movie or series (or sometimes just for certain scenes). The composer typically writes and prepares an entire soundtrack before filming even begins. The soundtrack will plan for the main musical theme, variations of that theme, music associated with certain characters, and music for the most iconic parts of the film. The soundtrack and sound design will then be synchronized with the video throughout the production stage.

This cinematic music production tool will bring emotion, suspense, and drama to any music project.

Happy Producing