Unleash Your Creativity with the Soulful 'Silent Melodies' MIDI Pack - A Versatile Collection of Expertly Crafted Melodic MIDI Files for Every Genre!

Bring your Chillout, Chillstep, Trance, and Downtempo productions to life with the "Silent Melodies" MIDI collection from Cloudy Samples. With 100 expertly crafted melodic MIDI files from 25 different unique and original composition arrangements. This collection is the perfect tool for modern music producers looking to build great melodic arrangement ideas. Use the compositions to trigger Piano Samples, Synthesized Pads, and Lead melody lines.

Melodic MIDI Files for Every Genre

Listening to the demo will give you an idea of how versatile this pack is, from hints of spaced-out Jazz to lush Trance and emotional EDM. Each composition is accompanied by several individual MIDI files, including chord progressions, pads, basslines, and melodic arrangements, all clearly labeled by key for ease of use and maximum flexibility. Because these are MIDI files you can use them to trigger any instrument or sound you can imagine, limited only by your equipment and sound design skills. 

Modify, Edit, Arrange and Modulate

Don't underestimate the power of a MIDI pack! You can re-pitch each element of the compositions, pick any tempo, design any sound, and edit in many ways to re-arrange, dissect, and create something impressive and unique. These files can also help you Improve your music knowledge and theory; learn how professional composers and producers compose and arrange music.

Royalty-Free MIDI Files

This collection gives you the right to use the compositions and samples royalty-free. This product can be used in your commercial releases without worrying about any hidden costs. 

Included in this MIDI pack:

  • 100 Melody MIDI Files;
  • 25 MIDI Construction Kits;
  • 25 Audio Demos
  • 125 Files
  • 212 MB

Essential Collection for Music Producers

"Silent Melodies" is an essential collection for any music producer looking to add a touch of melodic and atmospheric sophistication to their productions. Get your hands on it today and start creating stunning and unique music!

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Frequently Asked Questions
What DAWs are compatible with this MIDI pack?

The MIDI files can be used in any major DAW like Ableton, FL Studio, Logic Pro, Cubase, etc.

Do I need certain plugins or instruments?

No special plugins needed. You can use the MIDI with your own virtual instrument plugins and synth sounds.

Can I edit and modify the MIDI files?

Yes, you have full flexibility to edit notes, change tempo, velocity, key, rearrange parts, and more.

What music genres can I use these MIDI for?

The pack works for chillout, chillstep, trance, downtempo, EDM, and more mellow electronic genres.

Can I monetize tracks made with this MIDI pack?

Yes, this pack comes with a royalty-free commercial use license.

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