Cloudy Samples - Lucid Drums

Cloudy Samples, superb quality as usual with Lucid Drums!

We have used Vocals, Chants, Recorded Drums, Percussion and Effects to create a sample collection of percussive hits, perfect for your sampler!

Another extremely well crafted collection of music production tools from the masters of ambient, liquid and chill step, cloudy samples!

This product is packed full of clean, crisp, punchy, organic and creative drum and percussive samples, perfect for adding professionalism and the right vibe to your tracks. The sample are produced from mesmerizing and dreamy recordings of Drums, Percussion, Vocals, Chants Cymbals and Sound Effects which make this a very creative and unique sample pack, perfect for Minimal, Ambient, Trap and any style which needs a dreamy or chill out vibe.

Carefully crafted for instant inspiration, these samples can be used with any DAW and combined with an major sampler for huge flexibility. You will find pounding kicks, tight and percussive claps, classic hats, huge crashes, clean snaps, tough snares and creative percussion elements to help your tracks stand up with the best.

100% royalty free and comes with the transmission license allowing you to use the samples freely in your music, commercially released or otherwise. The files are categorized in folders for easy access, organization and usability. Delivered as 24-bit, 44.1kHz WAV samples and instantly downloadable today.

Don't miss the opportunity to grab this outstanding set of sounds.

Sample Pack includes:

  • 80 Percussive Clap Samples
  • 50 Kick Samples
  • 40 Snare Samples
  • 50 Percussion Samples
  • 30 Cymbals & Rides
  • 30 Sound Effects & FX
  • 20 Vocals & Chants