Cinematic MIDI Piano Compositions Vol 1

Breathtaking Piano Compositions - Enhancing Emotional Soundscapes.

A music production toolkit of 30 full MIDI compositions, each including multiple arrangement ideas such as intros, A, B, and C, bridges, and outros. Suitable for any music project, and perfect for emotional moments on the big screen. 

Created by award-winning Ambient and Minimal pianist, and composer Juan Sanchez. Released on his Sample Pack label Equinox Sounds... This is piano performed with a skillful hand, by a musician with a deep understanding of arrangement and composition.

MIDI performances played on a piano with elegance and grace - Juan takes you on a dynamic journey through breathtaking melodies, riffs, chord structures, and song arrangements. Each MIDI performance includes human velocity detail, played and arranged by a professional musician, who excels in creating emotionally impactful music.

MIDI Pack details

The capabilities of MIDI allows complete control over every note and rhythm, this offers total freedom for re-arranging and sound design. Route the MIDI to any synth or sampler to design any sound you can imagine, design, or have the preset for  :)

This pack is all MIDI and contains no audio. MIDI is compatible with any major DAW, including FL Studio, Logic, Ableton, and Cubase. If you're not sure, then please check your DAWs manual for MIDI compatibility.

ROYALTY-FREE Piano Compositions

The product comes with a license permitting you to use the compositions, or any part of them, in any commercial music releases, film soundtracks, adverts, or radio broadcasts.

No extra fees or admin.


  • 30 Fully-Arranged MIDI Tracks
  • Each Track Includes Intros, A/B/C Sections, Bridges, and Outros
  • Labeled by Key
  • Chord Progression Charts (Text File) for Each Section of Every Song
  • 100% Royalty-Free

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